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EXCLUSIVE: SAS Australia’s Jett Kenny airs his heartache over always being ‘just a Kenny’

Grant Kenny and Lisa Curry's son says he’s often felt unworthy of his surname.
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One thing you’d never expect to see the Viking-like athlete son of ironman Grant Kenny and Olympic swimmer Lisa Curry do is doubt his abilities.

But as Jett Kenny embarks on yet another gruelling challenge this week on SAS Australia, the 27-year-old is forced to confront some of his most buried issues.

During a particularly tough task, Jett is seen pleading with DS Ant Middleton to drop out, saying he’s letting his teammates down.

“I thought I didn’t deserve to be there. I tried to pull the pin,” he tells Woman’s Day.

“I often get those feelings where I never feel good enough. I’ve always been that way, it’s just who I am as a person.”

The son of Olympic greats Lisa Curry and Grant Kenny reveals he’s often felt unworthy of his surname.

(Credit: Channel 7)

Jett reveals that he’s often grappled with having a surname associated with sporting glory, saying, “I remember being on the back page of the newspaper as an under-11 Nipper and I was crying as I was walking up the beach.

“I guess I just didn’t understand the warrant of having my last name associated with me.

“People have always seen me as something else. I’ve always been a Kenny and never just Jett,” he adds.

Perhaps more surprisingly, Jett says that he and his sisters Jaimi and Morgan were also bullied at school for their famous surname.

“We really copped it at school,” he says.

“People just saw us differently, but that’s what comes with being in the public eye.”

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While Jett, who now works fulltime in surf lifesaving, had the added pressure of Olympians as parents, he says they always made it known they were proud of him no matter what.

“I know Mum tried to get me in the pool – she used to have to bribe me with bacon to get me there,” he laughs.

“But they’ve always just wanted me to be happy. I’ve been very lucky with having such a strong support network.”

Jett adds that his closeness with his family, in particular with his parents, has only gotten stronger following the death of his older sister Jaimi last year.

“We’ve always been tight, but it has definitely brought us closer. It hasn’t been easy, but we’re getting through it,” he admits.

“I’ve come to terms with it. We were told she was never going to make it to 30 and she made it to 33, so she fought all the way to the end.”

The 27-year-old reveals he’s grown closer to his family following the death of his sister Jaimi last year. (Pictured father Grant Kenny, sister Morgan, and mother Lisa Curry)

(Credit: Instagram)

Despite putting all of his efforts towards surf lifesaving and gaining a national title again, Jett also reveals he’s ready to settle with a long-term partner.

“I am single and looking,” he admits.

“It’s a matter of finding the right person at the right time – these things are meant to happen organically I feel.”

And while there’s been much speculation about him becoming the next Bachelor, like much of his life and career, Jett hints at leaving that door open.

“I’m not sure if I’m cut out for The Bachelor. Being in a house with 25 women… talking to one of them is hard enough let alone 25 at a time,” he laughs.

“But it could happen. Who knows?!”

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