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EXCLUSIVE: SAS Australia star Ant Middleton tells why he really comes across so tough

''I have a mindset where everything I’ve chosen to do I give 110 per cent''

By Laura Masia
As the chief instructor on SAS Australia, it's Ant Middleton's job to be tough.
Yelling profanities at the celebrity recruits to push them towards difficult challenges, he demands their best effort. His techniques might seem harsh, yet there's method to the madness.
From years of training in the military, and four years in the Special Services, the 40-year-old developed a mental toughness that could overcome almost any challenge.
It's something Ant hopes to pass on to his celebrity recruits. But to do so, he's determined to keep the process as real as possible.
"I have sworn to uphold the highest standards in order to give the recruits the most authentic experience," he tells TV WEEK.
Ant made a name for himself as a tough guy on the first season of SAS: Australia. Image: Channel Seven
Despite moving out of the armed forces and into the TV spotlight, Ant's work ethic remains intact, permeating every aspect of his life.
"I try to be professional in everything I do," he explains. "Professional at work, a professional father, a professional husband."And with five kids with his wife Emilie, Ant certainly has his hands full.
"I've got a four, a five, a 12 and a 13-year-old at home, who need my attention and guidance," he shares.
"I could say, 'I've been at work all day – leave me alone', which, unfortunately, most parents do. But to me, this is where your work starts. I have bad days, of course, but I have a mindset where everything I've chosen to do I give 110 per cent."
Ant and his wife Emilie.
After his time on SAS: Who Dares Wins in the UK came to an end in March this year, he turned his sights to a life in Australia.
"I feel more at home in Australia than I do in the UK," he admits. "I love the Aussies and their way of thinking.
"I wouldn't be surprised if we moved out here with the family next year. My wife always wants to come to Australia, I've got a brother here. For the children, it's great."
SAS: Australia premieres Monday, September 13, at 7:30pm on Channel Seven.

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