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”It’s just to scratch your ego”: Big Brother VIP star Dayne Beams fires up at Jess Power over her influencer career

The influencer vs the footballer!
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As the game passes its halfway point, tensions in the Big Brother VIP house have well and truly reached boiling point.

On Monday night’s episode, former Married at First Sight star Jess Power went head to head with AFL player Dayne Beams about her career as an influencer.

The heated argument started when Jess announced that she wanted Big Brother to update her on how many followers she’s gained or lost since being in the house.

“[I want to know] if it’s gone down or up. That would be interesting. I reckon it’s gone down because I haven’t been on there,” she told her fellow housemates.

“Who cares?” a visibly frustrated Dayne responded.

“Me, because it’s my income,” Jess shot back, before taking a swipe at Dayne’s artwork business.

The argument started when Jess said she wanted Big Brother to update her on how many followers she’s gained.

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“Aw, who cares about your painting or whatever else because that’s just your income, right?” she poked.

Dayne disagreed that the purpose behind Jess’ Instagram was to make money, and argued her 360,000-strong following is simply there to “scratch her ego”.

“No it’s not, it’s my income, it’s everything I earn, it’s where I earn all my money,” Jess responded as their fellow housemates appeared uncomfortable by the public confrontation.

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“I don’t sit here and bag out what you do for work.”

Dayne denied he judged Jess for her choice of career, but she insisted his comments “sounded condescending and rude.”

“Someone loves her Instagram,” Dayne sarcastically said as Jess stormed out of the room, prompting the former MAFS star to gun for his eviction.

Jess confided in Ellie Gonsalves and Imogen Anthony about her confrontation with Dayne, and the trio decide he has to be the next to leave.

Ellie then hatched a plan to make Dayne, Josh Carroll and Luke Toki turn on each other. However, the boys quickly realised she was up to something. Jess overhears Ellie chatting with them and starts to feel suspicious of Ellie.

Dayne argued Jess’ large following is there to “scratch her ego”.

(Image: Seven)

In the challenge, Jess won and ultimately put Dayne, Ellie and Thomas Markle Jr up for eviction.

Ellie went into battle mode trying to push the votes onto Dayne. However, Luke was one step ahead of her, orchestrating a blindside.

In a surprise twist, Big Brother announced a double eviction would be taking place, and both Ellie and Dayne were sent packing.

But as they made their way out of the hotel, Big Brother revealed their time on the show isn’t over yet.

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