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Love don’t cost a thing but how much do the Bachelor in Paradise contestants actually get paid?

Well, unless you're Alex Nation - not that much! But you do get a free holiday out of it.
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Reality TV season is well and truly back with a bang!

And while it might seem like our nights of TV watching are currently consumed by all things Married At First Sight, it’s time to bust out your favourite Hawaiian-print shirt and rip into the margaritas because Bachelor in Paradise is right around the corner.

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While Ten are yet to officially announce the Bachelor in Paradise premiere date, it’s ramping up its promos and have already shared two jaw-dropping sneak peeks, which is always a tell-tale sign the show is right around the corner.

Going off the back of last year’s premiere, BIP hit our screens on March 25th, so we predict it will return sometime around late March or early April, once Ten’s Dancing With The Stars has wrapped.

The network have also unveiled the first six Bachelor in Paradise 2019 cast members gearing up to find love in Fiji.

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Success story: Ali Oetjen starred on last year’s series of BIP and then went on to land the lead role as the 2018 Bachelorette. (Image: Network 10)

So while we ponder whether Richie Strahan and Alex Nation will go nuclear on each other, we have another very important question to ask and that’s: How much do Bachelor in Paradise contestants actually get paid?

Indeed, the second series of the Aussie BIP probably won’t be the ratings juggernaut compared to its Bachelor and Bachelorette counterparts, but there is already a considerable amount of buzz surrounding this year’s line-up of former Bachie stars.

But it doesn’t take an accountant to realise you don’t go on these types of shows for money.

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However, if you get a good edit, or even if you’re a polarising villain people just love to hate, you can easily monetise those thousands of new Instagram followers.

Case in point, former OG Bachelor contestant Ali Oetjen, who starred on last year’s Bachelor in Paradise and went on to land her very own season of The Bachelorette shortly after.

Since then, Ali’s Instagram feed appears to be one big free holiday as she jets about the world with her chosen one, Taite Radley. Ali is also making a pretty penny from Instagram sponsorships with her feed starring paid posts alongside brands like Ben and Jerry’s, Sky High Mount Franklin and Hair Culture Outlet.

Yep, the future looks bright for the BIP class of 2019 if they play their cards right!

But how much money is going into their pockets during filming? According to a recent report in the Daily Telegraph, this year’s BIP babes aren’t exactly raking in the big bucks but they’re definitely not on minimum wage, either.

An insider told the publication that the majority of the cast received around $500 a day for their time and theatrics during filming of the show in Fiji last November.

Getting Alex Nation to star on the show alongside her Bachelor ex Richie Strahan has reportedly landed the mother-of-one around $5k a day! (Image: Network 10)

However the show’s prized possession, Alex Nation, was reportedly paid “ten times that amount”, which ends up being an eye-watering $5000 a day.

Not a bad sum for a day’s worth of work, which pretty much consists of lounging around, going on some dates and sipping cocktails by the pool.

Getting Alex to star on the show so she can face-off with her ex Bachelor boyfriend Richie has been a total coup for the network, who no doubt hope their fiery reunion following their tumultuous split will translate into sky-rocketing ratings.

So, will their strategy pay off? Only time will tell but at least Alex Nation is laughing all the way to the bank!

Alex Nation, Bachelor in Paradise

Alex, who was the winner of the 2016 Bachelor, is the show’s highest-paid star. (Image: Network 10)

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