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BIP EXCLUSIVE: Davey Lloyd is no longer a single man but who is his mystery lady?

Third time was DEFINITELY the charm!
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Bachie babe Davey Lloyd is no stranger to the Bachelor franchise, having been in not one but THREE different seasons of the popular series.

While he didn’t win Sam Frost’s heart on The Bachelorette in 2015, the 29-year-old hit Fiji for Bachelor in Paradise in 2018 only to be left broken-hearted by Florence Moerenhout.

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Appearing on the shores of Paradise once again this year, Davey was sent packing early in the season, before he returned on Sunday night for a FOURTH go in the franchise and it seems that FINALLY he may have found his match. In Flo. Again.

So does this mean our green-eyed babe is officially off the market?

In an exclusive chat with Now to Love, Davey revealed a very exciting morsel of information.

“I’m very happy at the moment,” Davey said when asked about his love life.

“No, I am not single,” he revealed. “I am very happy.”

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Davey and Flo were absolutely THRILLED to see each other in Paradise. (Source: Network Ten)

The question remains – is it Florence he’s loved up with?

A Now To Love source close to the show doesn’t believe so.

“They’re definitely not together,” they said.

In fact, according to our source, Davey may not have been as “single” as he let on when entering Paradise to begin with…

When we asked Davey, however, he was tight-lipped (“You’ll have to wait and see!”) instead revealing that Florence was a “big portion” of the reason he returned to Paradise.

“A lot of people have asked why we didn’t see each other when we were off the show,” he said.

“Timing was everything and it just so happened we were both single going back on there, but before then we both had been in and out of things.”

“I felt like I had missed out so many times and I felt like ‘why not give it one last crack’ and see what happens.”

Davey has slotted back in to Paradise life like he never left. (Source: Network Ten)

Before Davey left Paradise for the first time this year, he made a last ditch effort with Shannon Baff.

He told the 25 year-old that she was “wife material” and confusion ensued, with Shannon even asking host Osher Gunsberg if they could bring Davey back.

However, according to the reality star, it was a case of bad editing and prompting from the producers which made him look “desperate” for a rose.

“That’s something that annoyed me watching back,” Davey said. “I’d had a lot of pressure to go speak to her. The whole time I was interested in Shannon but she was happy with Connor and how it was edited I wasn’t too happy about because it made me look like I was desperate to get a rose.”

“There are so many things you don’t see. I was very upset because that wasn’t the case at all. I actually said to her, ‘I know I shouldn’t be doing this but I’d rather say something as well rather than say what could have happened.'”

“But I had no idea she was keen after and I felt so guilty about it all because she was really happy with Connor.”

Shannon is currently very loved up with Connor on the show. (Source: Network Ten)

Davey is not the only one to have slammed the show’s editing this season.

In fact, he came to the defence of one of his cast-mates, Bill Goldsmith, who is in the running to be Australia’s number one reality show villain.

“I actually feel sorry for him,” the construction worker said.

“He hasn’t said the right things sometimes but you get pushed into these scenarios where you have to play and then be played at the same time and you have to choose what’s best for you in that situation, at that time.”

“I feel bad for him because he’s getting a lot of hate and they make good people look bad and bad people look good sometimes.”

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So after four stints on the popular franchise, would Davey come back if he was asked to be the Bachelor?

“Ummm… Look, I’m happy now,” he reiterated – which to us is a resounding “no.”

“I can’t give too much away. Knowing me, I’ll give you too much and it’s better to cut it off now.”

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