Bachelor in Paradise

Bachelor In Paradise: Flo reveals why she wishes Davey had been her date and not Bill

Flo hasn't had the best of luck in Paradise!

By Karina Recchi
Poor Florence Moerenhout hasn't had the best of luck on Bachelor In Paradise Australia. One year after Jake Ellis ditched her for Megan Marx, Flo was once again left questioning her place last week when Bill Goldsmith gave his rose to Alex Nation instead.
But Flo admits that, deep down, she knew she and Bill weren't meant to be – because it was her former fling Davey Lloyd she wanted instead.
"It was hard not to have Davey in the back of my mind, because he was the one I wanted to see [in Paradise]," Flo, 29, tells TV WEEK. "I have the biggest soft spot for him – and watching the show back last year made me realise how genuine he was."
Florence was hoping to find Davey in Paradise (Image: Network 10).
Flo says she was "devastated" to find out Davey had already left Paradise.
That said, she was prepared to make it work with Bill – until he betrayed her by hiding the fact he was already keen on Alex.
"He did exactly what Jake [Ellis] did – he took me on a date, lied to my face and then went off with someone else," she says. "I'd never want to be with him!"
Of course, fans saw an ugly side to Bill last week when he called Florence several nasty names after being confronted by Alex.
Florence says she would "never" want to be with Bill after what happened (Image: Network 10).
Alex, having been informed of the date's details by Florence, confronted Bill and asked why he had asked to spend the night with another woman.
Denying he'd ever said such a thing, Bill called Florence a "f-----g salty b---h," and said it was a "load of s—t."
"She knew I wasn't giving her a rose and she's trying to make my life hell," Bill continued his tirade, though he had asked American Alex to give Florence a rose in order to keep her in the series. "That's who she is a f-----g conniving piece of s—t."
The drama is sure to continue tonight, when Bachelor In Paradise Australia airs at 7:30pm, on Network 10.

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