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EXCLUSIVE: Shannon Baff reveals what it’s really like inside The Bachelor mansion

'I lost myself in there.'
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You’d be forgiven for thinking that time in The Bachelor mansion doubled as a free holiday with your girlfriends, but the latest woman eliminated from Nick Cummins’ heart, Shannon Baff tells a very different story.

While there are cocktails galore, free food, lush living arrangements, a hot man and three months (yes, you read that correctly, three…) work free, the constant drama, twenty-five flatmates and the constant pressure of going home took its toll.

Shannon Baff opens up about what really went on in the Bachelor mansion.

“I was in there for nearly three months,” Shannon said in a chat with Now To Love. “You’re away from your family and your friends and your day to day contact.”

“This whole experience becomes your world, your reality,” she said. “I think I got a bit lost in transition.”

Shannon, who does a lot of writing, found herself pulling away from the other girls at times.

“My outlet is to go out and write, and unintentionally I found myself isolating myself, which was one of the lessons I learnt in there.”

“On a positive note, I’ve had time to shed a bit of light on the situation and I feel like I did acknowledge the way I was feeling.”

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Shannon also felt that it was hard not to compare herself to the other women in the house.

“Have you seen all of the other girls? They’re all bloody stunning!” Shannon Eexclained. “I think you just naturally compare yourself. I did have a lot of self-doubt and a negative body image before I went in and then I watch it now and think, ‘bloody hell Shannon, you go a bit hard on yourself’!”

The blonde beauty has always struggled with the way she looks, but not in the way you would think.

“I’ve always had a hyper-active thyroid so I’ve always been really skinny, which is quite the opposite for most people, but it’s that case of the grass is always greener.”

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Being inside the mansion was also a lesson in life for the 25-year-old.

“It really gave me some life-long friends and ways to handle situations,” she revealed. “It’s not everyday your in this situation.”

While she made some incredible besties, unfortunately, she didn’t gain the heart of the man she went in there for.

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“I am still single,” Shannon said. “I’ve said it from day dot, I’m looking for someone who makes me laugh. I’m one of those people who vibes off a good sense of humour.”

“I’m also looking for someone who has a good set of morals and good family values. I don’t think I ask for too much.”

With a new season of Bachelor in Paradise coming up next year, would she do it?

“Bloody oath! I would any day! I am so open to finding love,” she exclaimed.

You go, girl!

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