Which girls will steal their farmers hearts? Fans predict the FWAW 2024 winners

Could they be right?
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Farmer Wants A Wife has only just kicked off its 2024 season, and already fans are convinced they know who will win their farmers hearts in the finale.

Guided by host Samantha Armytage, viewers follow the journey of Farmer Bert, Dustin, Joe, Tom and Dean as they attempt to find their wife among their contestants.

Sarah has been predicted to steal Joe’s heart.
(Image: Seven)

Fans have taken to popular betting platform, Sportsbet to place their predictions on who which contestant will be chosen by their farmer or if the farmer will leave the reality tv series single.

The website has correctly guessed the winner of reality television competitions in the past, so don’t disregard the odds just yet. While only time will tell as to who will officially win on FWAW, we will be keeping a watchful eye on Sportsbet.

Farmer Joe has a keen winner according to fans with Sarah taking the lead with odds currently at 1.30. Sadly, in second place is the likelihood he will leave the show single. Meanwhile, Claire has been bumped from second place to third with 6.00 – tied with Keely.

With a new farmer in the race, so too are more Sportsbets odds! Intruder Todd has been predicted to leave the farm with Daisy whose odds sit at 1.42. In second place is Jacinta with odds of 4.00 and close behind is Ellen at 5.00.

Teegan (left), Sarah C (middle), Sophie (right).
(Image: Seven)

Viewers don’t have high hopes for Farmer Bert as odds predict he will leave the show without a relationship. Close behind single hood is Karli with odds of 3.75, and Caitlin in third with 6.00 odds.

Next up, fans predict Farmer Dustin will most likely leave with Sophie with odds of 1.12. In second place for the crop farmer is Anna at 4.50 odds, rounding out third place is the likelihood that he will leave single.

While speaking to TV WEEK, Dustin revealed he could see a future with all three of his final girls – Anne, Belle, and Sophie.

“Top three, that was literally splitting hairs between them,” he shared. “Bit of a hard one. I reckon I could have taken home any of the girls and I would have been happy.”

“I know what it’s like to be broken up with and it bloody sucks. I don’t think I’ve ever broken up with anybody in my life besides this experience, so yeah, it’s not fun and I don’t want to be doing it again.”

The Sportsbet gods have already correctly guessed who will steal Farmer Tom’s heart! It was predicted Sarah C would win the race with 1.27 odds. Sadly Krissy was “shattered” by the rejection.

The odds were correct once more for Farmer Dean’s! It was predicted Teegan (1.53 odds) would leave the reality TV series with her farmer, and in the sixth episode the farmer confessed his love.

In 2023, all five farmers found love and Channel Seven didn’t miss the opportunity to use this romantic success as a key selling point. In the current season, this has not been repeated – could some farmers be walking away from the series single?

Watch this space for more FWAW updates.

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