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Farmer Wants A Wife 2024: Meet the farmers looking for love

The country cupids are back and ready to work their magic.
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A whole new season of Farmer Wants A Wife is returning in 2024, with five handsome new farmers on the hunt for ‘the one.’

Speaking at the 63rd TV WEEK Logie Awards red carpet, host Samantha Armytage told TV WEEK that the country cupids have “a few new surprises” in store for the season ahead.

“I can’t give away too much, but let’s just say we’ve already been inundated,” added Armytage, joking that “the single women of Australia love farmers.”

Samantha will also be joined again by fan-favourite host Natalie Gruzlewski, with the duo ready to help the latest hopefuls ride off into a romantic countryside sunset.

Samantha Armytage will be returning alongside Natalie Gruzlewski for 2024.

(Image: Seven Network)

In an announcement made in September 2023 by Seven, it was revealed eight farmers would be joining the new season. However, a statement shared February 21, 2024, has revealed only five farmers. As to why the network has cut three farmers from the list remains unclear… 

A new season of FWAW begins Sunday April 14, 2024 on Channel Seven and 7Plus at 7:00pm.

The first five farmers listed below are part of the latest announcement confirming their involvement in the new season of Farmer Wants A Wife, while the last three are the farmers who were cut from the 2024 season. 

Farmer Dustin – Condobolin, NSW

Age: 26

Third-generation Cattle, Sheep, Goat, and Crop Farmer

“I would say I can sometimes be a little quiet and shy at first, but once I am comfortable around you, you won’t be able to keep me quiet! I am fun, happy, love a laugh, and to take the mickey. I am very serious work, the farm, and my family. I am very ambitious, driven to succeed, and to grow the family farm.”

Farmer Dustin.

(Image: Seven Network)

Farmer Bert – Wamuran, QLD

Age: 30

Pineapple and Dragon Fruit Farmer

“My ideal partner would have an easy-going personality, be willing to try new things and get along with everyone (especially Nanna!) She would be adventurous, like I am, and open to coming along to the things I enjoy doing (dirt biking, boating, camping, spearfishing.) I am looking for someone who will be supportive, but also keep me honest and tell me when I need to pull my head in. I would like someone who is confident in themselves and enjoys a level of independence. Someone that when times get tough, will be there for me, as I will be there for them. Being able to laugh is important to me so must have a thick skin and be able to handle banter, and dish it back as well.”

Farmer Bert.

(Image: Seven Network)

Farmer Joe – Bombala, NSW

Age: 33

**Sheep and Cattle Farmer*

“I’m looking for someone who’s beautiful inside and out. A love for travel and the outdoors is also important. Someone who is strong and independent, who knows what she wants, and is content with who she is. Someone that fits into my life without either of us having to change. Someone who is fit, active and can adapt well to farm-life. I want someone who’s my equal; I don’t need someone to look after me or mother me.”

Farmer Joe.

(Image: Seven Network)

Farmer Tom – Tabilk, VIC

Age: 22

Cattle and Crop Farmer

“I’m looking for someone who’s very caring and very supportive. Farming can be demanding, so I’d like to find someone who understands that and will stick it out by my side. I’d like to find someone motivated and family orientated, who has a positive attitude. And there’s always room for a cheeky side – you’ve gotta have fun!”

Farmer Tom.

(Image: Seven Network)

Farmer Dean – Kandanga, QLD

Age: 25

Cattle and Watermelon Farmer

“I’m outgoing, fun, easy-going, hardworking and driven. Always up for a laugh and a good time! When I’m not working, I enjoy nothing better than a cold beer and kicking back with my family and all my mates.” 

Farmer Dean.

(Image: Seven Network)

Farmer Zac – Strathalbyn, SA

Age: 28

Cattle, Crop, and Helicopter Mustering

“I’m a positive and outgoing individual that has a bit of a hard time relaxing. I love a challenge and an adventure. Love giving love, and love receiving love. I’m open to giving everything a go on every front, and working hard to build a better life for my future family.”

Farmer Zac.

(Image: Seven Network)

Farmer Nick – Victor Harbor, SA

Age: 22

Third-generation Dairy Farmer

“I’m looking for someone to do life with! I want the other half to my team… I’d love her to have an eventful and successful life/career and to merge it with mine and kick goals together, then raise a little tribe on the farm. She doesn’t have to be a farmer but if she was, that would allow us to take our passion, wealth, and career anywhere we want to. Ideally, she’d have a clear understanding of the commitment that’s involved with farming. This doesn’t mean the farm is a priority over our relationship though, it’s about finding the right balance. We need to have that spark and build a genuine connection for it to be worthwhile.”

Nick was cut from the 2024 FWAW season.

Farmer Nick.

(Image: Seven Network)

Farmer Todd – Baan Baa, NSW

Age: 33

Cattle Farmer

“I’m pretty much a down to earth, hardworking, fun loving, stock standard, country bloke, who will always be there for my family and friends, whenever they need a hand, or my help. I can be serious, when I need to be but when I don’t have to be, I’m always up for a good time, a good laugh and enjoy kicking back with my family and mates.”

Todd was cut from the 2024 FWAW season. 

Farmer Todd.

(Image: Seven Network)

Ready for Farmer Wants A Wife 2024 to return to our screens? Here’s when and where to watch.

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