EXCLUSIVE: Bridgerton author Julia Quinn talks success, gossip and being a Taylor Swift fan

'I'd love to cast Taylor Swift!'
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Bridgerton has taken the world by storm and become a huge hit Netflix show. But the series is based on novels written by author Julia Quinn.

Woman’s Day sat down with Julia to discuss everything about the book-to-screen adaption!

Did you ever imagine this level of success from the Netflix series?

No. I mean, I should say, I never thought that it was going to be a flop. Once we knew it was happening, and that it was a Shondaland show, I knew it was going to have really good people, a decent budget, you know, it’s Netflix.

And I also knew that there were plenty of romance readers who were just dying for something like this. So I knew it would find its niche audience. I just didn’t know that it was going to break out of that niche in the way that it did.

Bridgerton author Julia Quinn. (Image: Getty)

Like Lady Whistledown, do you love a bit of gossip?

Anybody who says they don’t like gossip at all is lying. Everybody likes a little.

Was it a difficult decision to willingly relinquish all creative control of your stories to Netflix?

No, well, for one thing, it was very clear that the people who were going to be making it were Shondaland and I trust them implicitly. They have an incredible track record.

They are a company whose values align with mine. And so I said just take it – it wasn’t hard at all.

What do you think of the new season that’s taken from your fourth book?

I think it’s great. it’s in two sections this time, so I have to keep track of what’s in which section, so I don’t mess that up! So now we have the friends-to-lovers trope, and all that entails.

But what it does mean in this case is that we’ve got these two characters who we’ve already met and we’ve known for two seasons. And I think that brings with it a different level of audience investment.

Some of the cast of Bridgerton season three. (Image: Getty)

As a Taylor Swift fan, if you could cast her in Bridgerton, which character would she play and why?

Oh my gosh, I am very much a fan of Taylor Swift. I don’t know if I count as a full-fledged Swiftie because there are people in my life who are true Swifties and I do understand the difference with that.

I need to make that clear, but I do love her songs. I have a lot of favourites. I’m not one for casting, but you know, maybe Sophie from An Offer From A Gentleman, because I think that after seeing the Bejeweled music video, I think that [Taylor] likes a good Cinderella story. And that’s a true Cinderella story.

What do you foresee next for the Bridgerton universe? Do you see a Bridgerton theme park in the works?

It’s not really up to me, because they have creative control. But, if somebody really wanted to have a Bridgerton theme park, I wouldn’t make the ultimate decision. But I would hope I’d get free tickets.

You’re the romance writer, but can you tell us about the pendant necklace your husband gifted you for your anniversary?,

So my husband is a mountain climber and he has climbed all seven of the highest summits including Mount Kosciuszko in Australia. He summitted Mount Everest and he collected some snow from the top and I had no idea he melted it and put it into this special locket-type thing from Tiffany’s and gave it to me on our 25th anniversary.

So honestly, it’s kind of funny because [in our relationship] I’m the romance writer and he’s a doctor slash scientist, but he’s the one who does all the great romantic gestures.

Image: BIG W

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