How an entire nation caught Taylor Swift fever – and have no plans to let it go 

Taylor's triumph.
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It was rare, you were there, we remember it… all too well. While those may be the lyrics to one of Taylor Swift’s most powerful anthems, it rings particularly true for any devoted fan who was fortunate enough to nab tickets to the Eras Tour in Australia.

The marathon nightly event, (in a global tour of 16 countries) has become one of the biggest concerts of all time – not just in scale or success (it has added an estimated $10m to the Australian economy) but as a cultural phenomenon that can be compared to the likes of The Beatles.

Yes, at 34-years-old, Taylor Swift is on track to succeed The Beatles in the modern era. So as her final days approach and Australia slowly ebbs away from Swiftmania, the question is: what’s next for the global superstar and how do we bask in the glow for a little longer? And perhaps more importantly, how has one artist collectively gripped a nation? 

taylor swift
Taylor Swift mania is here to stay.
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It was Sydney and Melbourne who felt the wave of her presence on their shores. The American songstress has played multiple nights in each state and at all consecutive shows, the energy was palpable. People of all ages and gender have embraced her eras as their own, dressed in inspired outfits from her past albums exchanging friendship bracelets that saw complete strangers engage in bold conversation about their common link – they were witnessing history.

Even police officers took part, who for a night, were guarding both the safety of the public and the innocent atmosphere that surrounded them. In Sydney, trains became the Taylor Express, murals were painted, and thousands of aspiring ticketholders lined the outskirts of Accor Stadium for a last-ditch effort to get in. The devoted crowd clung to every lyric and melody for weeks, desperately screaming their loyalty at the top of their lungs as if their life depended on it. And not just for the hits. Every song was embraced like a Billboard chart-topper. 

And through it all, the generous singer gives it straight back with a 3.5-hour, 45 song, chameleon-style production that highlights her country roots (Fearless, Speak Now), pop-era explosion (Reputation, Lover, Red and 1989), whimsical stylings (Folklore and Evermore) and fever dream hits (Midnights). And then of course, she playfully teases her new album, The Tortured Poet’s Department which is due April 19. 

taylor swift
Taylor’s Eras Tour in Sydney has come to an end.
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For her delivery, Taylor speaks with charisma and sings with confidence while dancers and theatrical role plays out across the stage telling a story that spans 18 years, 14 albums and a lifetime of personal history. And while all music can speak to us in ways simple words can’t, Taylor – whose endurance level is a masterclass in artistry and performance – has created an intimacy that breaks down the walls and weight of the social media era and encourages the idea of collaboration and thought.

This is why teenagers cry at her concerts or unashamedly hold hands with their mother and father who attend as both chaperone and fan. This is more than a catchy pop song on the radio; it’s an intergenerational movement. 

While there were many who didn’t get tickets, the party doesn’t have to exist solely inside the walls of a stadium. Apart from repeat listening of her back catalogue and trending fashion of the eras, the songstress will release her concert in full, Taylor Swift l The Eras Tour (Taylor’s Version), on March 15 on Disney+. The extended spectacular is jammed with exclusive features, the complete set list and extra songs from the “Surprise Songs” section that has alternated each show throughout the tour.

But fans needn’t stop there. Of course, The Tortured Poet’s Department will offset an entirely new branch of pop culture , but in the midst of it all, Taylor is making her feature directorial debut with Searchlight Studios. The musician has penned an original script but details are being kept firmly under wraps.  

The time capsule of The Eras Tour Australian leg may be over but the global domination is only just beginning – and she’s inviting everyone along for the ride. 

While her journey goes far beyond our shores for the next 12 months, her lasting impact on Aussie crowds is more than skin deep. She has playfully toyed with our accent (even making a hilarious reference to the comedy hit, The Castle (1997)- “Tell him he’s dreamin’” during the bridge of We Are Never Getting Back Together), visited our local wildlife and recalled her memories from tours gone by. She “feels at ease” here and the feeling is mutual. 

As a role model for advocacy and change, a leader for women and a defiant rulebreaker – in that she doesn’t necessarily follow any or allow them to hold court in her life – there is plenty to take away from her plight. Taylor’s world is glittery, triumphant and incorruptible – and if that can unify the world for even just one night, may we all stay in the fever dream forever. 

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