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EXCLUSIVE: Angie Kent’s X-rated comment after seeing Sam Neill had boyfriend Carlin doing a double take

Carlin was definitely caught off-guard!
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Australia’s finest in film and television assembled for the 2019 AACTA Awards in Sydney and no one was more starstruck than this year’s Bachelorette, Angie Kent.

The 29-year-old reality star made her red carpet debut with her handsome new man Carlin Sterritt, 30, but when Angie noticed a certain celebrity just centimetres away, she made us blush with her cheeky comment that Carlin clearly didn’t see coming!

Angie and Carlin were all loved-up on the AACTAs red carpet.

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While Angie oozed glamour with her green and black dress with a daring thigh-high slit and strappy black heels, Carlin looked like he’d just stepped out of the Bachelorette mansion in a white suit jacket and black tie.

While exclusively chatting to Now To Love on the red carpet though, the reality star received the shock of her life when she saw veteran actor Sam Neill standing next to her.

“Oh my God, that’s Sam Neill!” Angie whispered excitedly. “I watched him on Gogglebox and said that I wanted to have sex with him eight times in one day. I’m dying!”

Sam Neill spotted! Angie brought starstruck to a new level.

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To make matters even more hilarious, Angie’s new boyfriend joked, “This is more awkward for me.”

“This is so surreal, that’s Sam Neill!” Angie added before Carlin quipped, “Even I want to have sex with him! I just don’t talk about it as often.”

“Well that’s what I did for four years on Gogglebox, I kind of had to say what I was thinking. Soz that it’s inappropriate! I full just blanked out,” Angie replied.

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The happy couple have just returned from a “much-needed” holiday in Vietnam and have already had fans doubting their relationship. However, Angie and Carlin maintain that they are very much in love and feel that they’ve been getting more support and love than hate from the general public.

Angie added that whilst the show was full-on, she was her true self on screen.

“I always went in thinking if I’m going to do this, I’m going to do it 100 per cent me and I did. I thought surely the people of Australia would realise it’s me picking someone, there’s so much more to what everybody sees, he’s so beautiful and I’m so blessed.”

Carlin supportively added, “They should just trust Angie as well. People who love her should’ve trusted her judgement.”

Meanwhile, Angie said viewers didn’t get to see Carlin’s humour.

“He’s so much funnier and dorkier than what you guys saw and I’m spewing about that because we laugh together all the time, he’s probably laughing at me,” Angie gushed.

“He’s so much funnier and dorkier than what you guys saw.”

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While the two won’t be spending their first Christmas as an official couple together, they will be reunited for Boxing Day which is a much bigger deal in the Kent household.

“Christmas is kind of meh but I used to bribe them [former boyfriends] with Boxing Day. I used to say to the boys ‘If you don’t behave, you’re not coming to Boxing Day,’ but he gets to come!”

She added, “They [the family] were all smitten from the beginning, that speaks volumes. Brad, Yvie, Mum, Dad and Josh so you’ve got to trust the fam sometimes.”

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