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Reality TV fans reckon The Bachelorette's Carlin Sterritt isn't as genuine as he seems

The rumours are a'buzzing!

By Alex Lilly
It hasn't even been a month since Angie Kent and Carlin Sterritt proclaimed their love for one another in The Bachelorette finale, but it's hardly been a fairytale romance - for the Aussie public at least.
While we're still getting over Timm's dumping (RIP), certain nuggets of information and Instagram clues have led fans to believe that winner Carlin, 30, may not be as genuine as he seems.
Let's examine the evidence, shall we?
Carlin won Angie's heart, but is her new man genuine? (Image: Network Ten)

That flirty comment on Bachelor in Paradise star Tara Pavlovic's Instagram post

It seems that Carlin had his eyes set on a former Bachie contestant way before he applied for Angie's season.
In fact, when Tara Pavlovic was starring on the first season of Bachelor in Paradise in 2018, the fitness trainer left the one-word comment - "Stunner" - on a picture she uploaded to Instagram.
The comment came shortly after his separation with his wife, which leads neatly to the next point...
Did Carlin have his eyes on Tara before Angie? (Images: Network Ten)

The ex-wife drama

During his 24 hour date with Angie early on in the series, Carlin confessed that he was technically still married.
"In 2016, I got married. We've been apart for a year and a half. We've drifted apart you know and I was pretty hurt in the process. She's moved overseas now and for me, I've closed that chapter of my life ... So, we filed for divorce and stuff, but I suppose that was the last stage of that so it hasn't been final yet," he revealed during the episode.
The ex-wife in question, Taran Higgins, even shared a supportive message to Carlin in a caption of the couple in a wedding-themed photo shoot, but Angie told Now To Love that she was left a little confused by Taran's post.
"I think it would be a little bit different if she posted it now with her in a wedding dress and him, but she didn't know the outcome. She didn't know that Carlin was the one at the end," Angie said.
"I think it was a beautiful message, but the picture is a bit of an interesting choice, if I'm going to be completely honest. Like why is homegirl wearing a wedding dress?"
Carlin married his wife Taran in 2016 and their divorce is not yet finalised. (Image: Instagram @tarann)

His secret acting career

Carlin's motives for going on The Bachelorette were called into question, when it was revealed he wanted to use the show to boost his acting and modelling profile.
Though he was described as a fitness trainer by producers, news of Carlin's on-screen projects soon came out.
Fellow Bachelorette contestant Jamie Doran warned Angie of her suitor's "real" intentions, and even Carlin's brother said during hometown visits that at the start of the competition, Carlin was on the show to further his career.
"I didn't want to talk about acting and modelling, because I never wanted Angie to question my sincerity," Carlin told TV WEEK.
"I tried to be myself and as genuine as possible."
Watch the trailer for Carlin's film Into The Woods in the player below. Post continues after video...

That subtle swipe at runner-up Timm Hanly

When you attack sweet angel Timm Hanly, you attack us.
In a recent Instagram post from his Vietnam vacay with Angie, Carlin made a subtle swipe at the Bachelorette runner-up, who Angie dubbed her "soulmate" with his caption, "My best friend I haven't friend-zoned."
"My best friend I haven't friend-zoned." (Image: Instagram @carlinsterritt)
But despite all the drama circulating, Angie and Carlin seem to still be enjoying one another's company.
In fact, the two have returned their romantic getaway and Angie herself has quashed any break up rumours.
The former Gogglebox star shared several photos of herself and her new man, with the caption: "Ahhhh. All good things must come to an end. I'm talking about the holiday before any of y'all decide to jump on that wild ass rumor mill...we just gettin started @carlinsterritt."

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