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Angie Kent and Carlin Sterritt weigh in on The Bachelorette winner's ex-wife: "There are mixed feelings"

And the couple reveal the cutest code names they had for one another!

By Anita Lyons
During the finale episode of The Bachelorette, our girl Angie Kent chose hunky F45 trainer Carlin Sterritt to star as the leading man in her very own rom-com.
"I put myself into this so much and I don't want the perfect guy just for everyone," she told Carlin in the whimsical Byron Bay rainforest setting.
"I want the perfect guy for me because I truly have put my whole heart and soul into this and you know there's no doubt in my mind now that you are the perfect guy for me.
"I'm completely falling in love with you."
In a chat with Now to Love after the finale of the show, Angie and Carlin spoke about what's next for the lovebirds and reveal their very cute nickname's for one another.
Angie and Carlin in their official photograph for The Bachelorette. (Source: Network Ten)
Congratulations you two love birds! We're so happy for you! How does it feel knowing everyone now knows?
Angie: It is so incredibly surreal. Hiding it for so long - having the show, then hiding it and now being out, it's just so weird.
We're still getting used to it because today [day after finale] is so full on and it's not a normal day. So yeah, once this is all done we'll be like, 'Oh my god, we get to do what we want!'
I'm so excited to just do normal things, like brunch, because everything has just been so surreal and then we get to do normal couple stuff.
Fans of the show are going to be so excited when you post about your brunch dates!
Angie: I think people just forget that we're everyday people and I think they also forget that we have feelings too, but watching normal people do normal things is actually quite intriguing!
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You had to keep everything secret for three months. Did you have any code names for one another?
Carlin: Yeh, we did have different code names. Mine kept changing because I kept thinking that people are going to guess. What I had - Angie with a rose - I thought, nah it's too obvious! (laughs). So, I kept changing it. But our relationship for the past three months has been over the phone, calling - we did get to see each other a couple of times but it is all secret stuff - we can't obviously say exactly what that is, but little rendezvous that we had with each other.
Angie, what about that nickname on your Instagram post last night - Noh Noh?"
Angie: I called him Noah, it was the code name in my phone. Like Allie and Noah from The Notebook. So romantic, right? So, he was Noah and I call him Noh Noh because everyone has to have a nickname!
You spoke to Jackie O and Beau Ryan on KIISFM this morning about moving in together after you do 'normal couple things'. Does that mean you will be doing long distance?"
Angie: I moved back to Queensland at the end of last year but I do spend a lot of time in Sydney for work, but obviously I wasn't allowed to see Carlin. I'm based in Queensland and probably will be until the beginning of next year and then I'll decide where I want to move. Obviously it makes the most sense that I'll come back to Sydney. Obviously Carlin is here, I have so many friends and maybe some work opportunities. I'm not sure yet, but definitely Sydney will suck me back in like it always does.
The gorgeous setting of the finale. (Source: Network Ten)
Angie, you've admitted that you are still in contact with Timm. Are you all going to catch up now that everything is out in the open?
Angie: He's often said he can't wait for me, him and Carlin to catch up and have a drink. but I don't know if it's just one of those things that you say and it never happens or maybe it will, I don't know. I think down the track, not anytime soon but eventually we'll cross paths and I think it would be nice to catch up.
Carlin, have you spoken to Yvie Jones] about her saying you were only "two per cent funny"?
Carlin:We FaceTimed Yvie during the finale and she was in hysterics. It was so beautiful for her to see her best friend being so incredibly happy and she is so happy for us. She also loved the fact that I put "two per cent funny" on my Instagram and she said, "You know what? I think you're funny and you're a great guy and I hope I didn't offend you" and I told her "not at all" because I've grown a thick skin and if you can't laugh at yourself you're probably going to get crushed in life.
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Carlin, you admitted you were married on the show but now you're officially divorced. When did this happen and what has it been like watching this back?"
Carlin: Officially I was divorced before the show even started airing. It was one of those thing that I really wished I could have dodged that whole bullet but this opportunity came at me and I took it with both hands and life is not going to wait for you. The universe has its own little plan and I just ran with it. It was hard to watch back. There was a lot of backlash and it was really hard at the beginning but I've become so resilient over the whole thing and all that hate is just noise and it doesn't actually mean anything.
Your ex-wife posted a lovely message to you on Instagram, what did you both think of that?
Carlin: There are mixed feelings. I really appreciate the support and I think it's important that I have no animosity towards her and no bitterness or anything like that, and that we're on good terms. Sometimes I think it could have been done in a different way and I just don't think that she thought about the fact that maybe I actually am with Angie and maybe that's going to be hard for her to see.
Angie: I think it would be a little bit different if she posted it now with her in a wedding dress and him, but she didn't know the outcome. She didn't know that Carlin was the one at the end. I think it was a beautiful message but the picture is a bit of an interesting choice, if I'm going to be completely honest. Like why is homegirl wearing a wedding dress? Yeh, that was odd but I know she didn't mean anything by it. Everyone's got a past and people need to realise that. When I found out he was divorced or getting divorced, I was like "cool, man". It's just another break-up to me. The main point of this show is that I found my happiness and I found love and I just hope that everyone is happy for us.
It's love! (Source: Network Ten)
Now that the experience is over, is there any advice you would want to give yourselves before going into the process?
Angie: Definitely be prepared, physically, mentally, emotionally, have a thick skin, know your boundaries, know when to say no and just enjoy every single moment, like, really. Sometimes it can be pretty hardcore but you're never going to have the moment again, so just get amongst it.
Carlin: You know what? Interestingly enough, I don't think I would have played my cards in any other way. I was really honest from the get-go about the marriage and there was a whole reason why I never talked about my acting and it's just because I didn't want Angie to think I was there for the wrong reasons. I don't think I could have done it any differently. It was a double-edged sword. If I talk about it, she'll think I'm not being genuine and then on the other hand, I didn't talk about it and it comes out and it hurts me as well. I felt like I was myself and anyone who knows me commenting on that knows I am just as genuine and authentic and just as we know you.
Warmest congratulations to the happy couple!