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Angie Kent freaked out because she thought Carlin Sterritt was proposing on The Bachelorette

“Don’t do anything stupid…”

By Tina Burke
Angie Kent and Carlin Sterritt declared their love for each other in swoon-worthy scenes on The Bachelorette Australia on Thursday night.
"There's no doubt in my mind that you are the perfect guy for me," Angie told Carlin. "I'm a strong independent woman. I don't need a man. But now I want one."
After weeks of speculation, the stunning couple can finally make things official as the last episode has finally aired. Though, for a brief moment in the episode, Angie appeared to think Carlin was going to make things too official.
Once Angie finished gushing about the fact that he was the "perfect guy for me" and they'd exchanged the classic Bachie "I'm falling in love with you," Carlin began his own speech.
"I'm so happy right now," Carlin told her, pulling out a ring. "You have no idea and my gut obviously really hoped for this and as a sign of my commitment to you and to 100% be in a relationship with you…"
Before he could finish, Angie quickly cut him off to say "don't do anything stupid!"
Yep, looks like Angie thought Carlin was proposing and it was DEFINITELY too soon. How we love her.
Angie and Carlin are falling for each other... but she's not quite ready to be engaged. Image: 10
"I do have this as a sign of my commitment to you and something to remember this whole experience by. It's a commitment ring," Carlin continued.
Later, Angie herself joked: "Fast forward six months, we could be living together. I could be pregnant. Just kidding."
What a rollercoaster ride!
Fans on Twitter loved Angie's wild reaction to the fake-out proposal, with many laughing at her relatable reaction.
Congratulations to the happy couple!

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