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Meet The Bachelorette star Carlin Sterritt's estranged wife Taran Higgins

Eeek! This is awkward.

By Rebecca Sullivan
So, it turns out the hottest bloke on The Bachelorette, the gorgeous F45 trainer Carlin Sterritt, has a flaw - he is very married.
That bombshell was dropped during the second episode, with the Sydney-based model, PT and budding actor confessing to Bachelorette Angie Kent about his secret love life.
"I am the type of guy who wants to be open and transparent, because, you know, there's no other way to do it. I am... married," Carlin told Angie on their single date.
"In 2016, I, um ... I got married. We've been apart for a year-and-a-half," he said, adding that he and his wife simply "drifted apart".
Carlin insisted to Angie that he has moved on, although his divorce is yet to be officially finalised.
"We filed for divorce and stuff, and I suppose that's sort of just the last stage of that. So, it hasn't been final yet," Carlin said.
"I was pretty hurt in the process, and she's moved overseas now. So, like, for me that was sort of like, you know, I was, like, I've closed that chapter of my life."
Carlin and his wife Taran were married in 2016 but are yet to finalise their divorce. Instagram
The couple posing in a wedding-themed photoshoot. Instagram

Understandably, Angie was pretty shocked by Carlin's revelation.
"They haven't even finalised the divorce. Holy Dooley! Are you really ready to dive into something so big again when you've not even divorced yet?" Angie asked in her piece to camera.
"I know I wanted to try something different, but the bloke's still bloody married."
So she asked Carlin the tough questions.
"It just really made me start thinking, you know, are you ready? Are you here for the right reasons?" she asked him.
But Carlin's response was actually amazing.
"Sometimes we do crazy things when we're trying to get over somebody. And because you know what it's like to feel s--t, I'm assuming, that I would hope you wouldn't want to do that to somebody," he said.
"That's just not who I am. To be honest, for me it feels like a lifetime ago. I've been focusing on myself and, like I said, I'm really content with where I'm at. I'm ready for the next thing."
Angie was clearly convinced, because she immediately gave Carlin a rose on their date and sealed the deal with a cheeky smooch.
Carlin and his wife posing for a wedding-themed photoshoot. Instagram
Too cute. Instagram
Carlin plants a kiss on Taran's cheek. Instagram
The pair sharing an intimate moment together. Look away Angie! Instagram
So, who is Carlin's wife?
Taran Higgins is a real estate agent based in New Zealand - and you can stalk her on Instagram here.
The gorgeous brunette is also a dab-hand at makeup and even has a professional makeup Instagram account", as well as a YouTube channel.
Carlin and Taran pictured in happier times. Instagram
Taran loves to show off her gorgeous makeup looks on Instagram. Instagram
She also has a beauty YouTube channel. Instagram
Like Carlin said on the show, she now lives in Auckland and seems to have deleted all traces of her estranged husband from her Instagram account.
While photos of the pair are still available in Carlin's tagged posts, he too has deleted all photos of himself and Taran from his page.
The couple were married in 2016 and are still in the process of finalising their divorce.
WATCH BELOW: Carlin sings a gorgeous romantic song on the guitar. Story continues after video.

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