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Bachelorette 2019: The gut-wrenching moment Timm Hanly's heart was shattered by Angie Kent's rejection

I'm never talking about my feelings ever again.

By Anita Lyons
In the finale episode of The Bachelorette, 30-year-old Carlin Sterritt was declared the "winner" when Angie Kent confessed her love for him.
"I truly have put my whole heart and soul into this and you know there's no doubt in my mind now that you are the perfect guy for me. I'm completely falling in love with you," Angie told her new beloved, while Australia collectively sighed.
While Angie had found her Prince Charming in Carlin, there was one man who was understandably "gutted". Runner-up Timm Hanly.
But as we've come to expect from the lovable BFG, Timm handled the rejection like he was giving a bouquet of sunflowers - like an absolute pro.
"Since I saw you coming down the red carpet and you had all of those sunflowers, I felt the connection and you were just such a surprise," Angie told him.
"You're the person that makes me laugh all the time and I feel like, I do feel like you're my soulmate, I do. I feel it so much and I love so much about you."
"I feel it so much and I love so much about you." (Source: Network Ten)
As Angie told Timm that she couldn't imagine life without him, she broke down in tears.
And it was here that Timm proved how much of an exceptional human being he is when he took her into his arms and asked her not to cry.
"Don't be sad," he told her.
"Be happy. We have had the best…do not cry over it, we have had the best time together. It's just the situation we're in and I'm just so happy that I've met you and I've cherished every moment with you."
Then, presenting Angie with the ring that he had chosen, he begged her to take it as a "little piece of me".
"I am so thankful for everything. This has been the best experience ever. I will be in your life. Just call me if this doesn't work out."
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Angie, who was in complete hysterics, asked him why he wasn't sad.
"I'm gutted, I just don't want to see you cry," he confessed.
In his final words to Angie, Timm was strong.
"You are such a gem of a person and you do deserve the world. Thank you."
Away from Angie, Timm's reaction told another story - he was heart broken and so were we.
"You are such a gem of a person and you do deserve the world. Thank you." (Source: Network Ten)
"That sucks! I can't even understand it. 'Soul mate, but...' I was just waiting for the 'but'."
"I could just see it in her eyes there was a 'but' coming," he confessed.
"I knew straight away when I looked at her. That's why I have my walls up. For that exact reason. That's a reason I didn't want to go all in. Right now, this feeling is why I didn't want to go all in. I'm never talking about my feelings ever again." SOB!
And now that Angie has gone off into the sunset with Carlin, we hope that Timm can find his happy ever after.
And if he can't find the woman of his dreams - at least he has his best friend Jackson.

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