The Bachelorette Australia

Every bombshell revelation we've learnt about Angie and Carlin's relationship since the Bachie finale aired

A lot has happened since that fateful day in Byron Bay...

By Jess Pullar
If you're anything like us, you spent your Thursday evening glued to a television screen watching the heart-wrenching Bachelorette finale.
And with that said, you'll also probably be aware that Angie and her winning lad Carlin are pretty darn cute (although we're still a bit devo over runner up Timm Hanly).
But like many Bachelor and Bachelorette contenders before them, it's always during the days after the finale that we get the real tea on how the contestants are tracking.
Lucky for us, we're already getting some brilliant snippets.
In a Byron Bay spectacle that had us on the edge of our seats, Angie declared she was "falling in love" with Carlin, confirming that it was him, above all the other lads, that she had chosen.
Carlin was clearly over the moon too, telling Angie: "I'm so happy right now."
"You have no idea. In my gut, I obviously really hoped for this and as a sign of my commitment to you and to 100 per cent be in a relationship with you…"
Angie and Carlin sealed the deal in the grand finale. (Network Ten)
Now, as the pair officially go public, we're finally ready to get the inside goss on what's happened in the months since the finale was originally filmed.
Speaking on Kyle and Jackie O's radio show on Friday morning, the new couple divulged some brilliant little insights.

Angie still chats with Timm

Yep, Australia's hearts are collectively aching for the lovable larrikin that was Timm Hanly, and that includes Angie.
On the show, Timm handled the rejection like a pro, telling a clearly distressed Angie: "Don't be sad".
"Be happy. We have had the best…do not cry over it, we have had the best time together. It's just the situation we're in and I'm just so happy that I've met you and I've cherished every moment with you."
Cue sobbing.
Timm handled the rejection admirably on the show. (Network Ten)
Perhaps his admirable display held him in good stead, because while speaking with Kyle and Beau on the radio show on Friday morning, Angie admitted that she still kept in touch with him.
Well, if that's the most consolation we're going to get for the time being, we'll take it.

Angie and Carlin have had VERY little alone time

Understandably, winners of any given show with a delayed embargo date do have to keep things heavily under wraps.
But it seems Angie and Carlin have had to take things to the next level, limiting their meet-ups to a mere five instances between filming the final scenes and the airing of the finale.
So they're basically really only just getting started!

They're not planning to move in together... yet

While chatting on the radio show, Angie and Carlin admitted that while they definitely have plans to move in together, they're going to take things slow for now.
Indeed the pair are hoping for a somewhat "normal" relationship before they consider a big move, and given the aforementioned feat that the pair have had limited quality time together since they actually got together, we can't blame them.
The pair are hoping for a "normal" relationship first. (Network Ten)

Carlin's, ahem, good in bed...

C'mon, how could you not expect a show like Kyle and Jackie O to uncover some TMI truths about a Bachie couple? Of course the light-hearted Angie happily rose to the chat.
So upon being asked about her relationship with Carlin, Angie really went there, revealing that he was a good lover.
Um, lovely?
Good for them! (Network Ten)

Angie was warned against giving the first rose to Carlin

If you cast your minds back, you might remember Carlin making a big first impression in the premiere episode, even earning him the "first impression" rose that allowed him a full 24-hour date with Angie.
But after speaking to the radio show, it turns out Angie was initially warned against giving it to Carlin, because it's supposedly "cursed".
Indeed the very first rose given to Bachelor and Bachelorette contenders in seasons past has almost always ended in disaster.
But if Angie and Carlin's seemingly happy coupling is anything to go by, perhaps the curse has finally been broken.
Carlin had Angie's heart from day dot. (Network Ten)