Gogglebox Australia's Angie and Yvie reveal what really happens behind the scenes

'Everything you see is raw, its real and it's us'

On the shows they love to watch during filming…
Yvie: I love it when we watch movies. We never know which ones we're watching beforehand and they're always really good.
Angie: For me, it's The Bachelor / Bachelorette Australia, a really good documentary and any drossy [trashy] reality TV show.
On the shows they hate to watch during filming…
Yvie: Sports segments! Or antiques shows.
Angie: Science fiction, like Doctor Who. We were bloody mortified when they made us watch an entire hour of that. I'm not big on The Block or My Kitchen Rules, but if it's on, I do get sucked into the drama.
On deciding what to wear when filming…
Yvie: Whatever is clean!
Angie: Sometimes I try to be creative, and other times I'm like, "Yeah, whatever" and throw on my fave jumpers and tights. It depends what mood I'm in.
Angie and Yvie with their fur babies.
On eating during filming…
Yvie: I try not to eat in front of the cameras, as I have a dreadful habit of talking with my mouth full. It's not a great look. I'll just pop into the kitchen and have a little munch when I can.
On their favourite fellow Goggleboxers to watch…
Yvie: I love watching the kids from the Delpechitra and Jackson families grow up in front of our eyes.
Angie: Papa Del makes me laugh so much, and how the whole family reacts to him just kills me. I love watching the relationship between the three Silbery women too – so beautiful.
On what makes them cringe when watching Gogglebox
Angie: Sometimes the stuff that pours out of my mouth I cringe about, but that's just me and I can't change it.

On their best-ever one-liner…
Angie: People really seem to still like the old "I'd rather sh*t in my hands and clap" after I was asked if I would go there with [British chef] Gordon Ramsay, so that was probably one of my finest. Or that Prince William is starting to look more and more like a thumb as he's getting older.
On the best part of being on Gogglebox
Yvie: The fans, hands down. They're so kind and funny – I love talking to them.
Angie: I get to sit on the couch with my best friend, eat food, drink wine, play with my dogs and watch TV shows!
On something that viewers would not realise…
Yvie: How long the show takes to shoot. There's a lot of TV-watching that never makes it to air. I feel for the poor editors.
Angie: It's not produced like most reality TV shows. Everything you see is raw, it's real and it's us. Ain't nobody telling us what to say!
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