Rose-less runaways: Here are all the women Locky didn't pick on The Bachelor

Osher dramatically walks into frame...

By Jess Pullar
"Ladies, you did not receive a rose".
It's the phrase no woman wants to hear - that is, if they've decided to take the intense plunge of going on The Bachelor.
But it's a world they've knowingly taken the risk to indulge in - a world where rejection, jealously and pressure is at an all-time high.
That's why when Locky Gilbert dishes out each batch of roses, and reaches for the last one, it's possible to pin point the exact moment when a heart literally breaks.
The 2020 season has already hopped to a rip roaring start, with some big contenders being sent home early doors.
In the end, there really can only be one - and as each episode airs, we get closer to finding out who that is.
But in the interim, we thought it necessary to lament the stunning women who didn't make the cut this time.
They do say everything happens for a reason, so just because their shot at love with Locky wasn't successful this time doesn't mean their journey to find love is over.
Farewell, and godspeed gals - though we don't think you'll be needing it.

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