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EXCLUSIVE: The Bachelor's Locky Gilbert reveals the surprisingly simple trick behind his very, very fit rig

It's surprisingly simple.

By Jess Pullar
When Locky Gilbert was announced as the next Australian Bachelor, a mutual air of understanding was felt across Australia.
Confident, good looking, outdoorsy, not to mention an existing reality TV profile - this guy ticked virtually every box there is when it comes to the ultimate Bachelor candidate.
With a history on additional iconic Aussie reality show Survivor, we knew Locky's fitness regime was already nothing to sneeze at.
A quick glance at his scenes from the show will tell you as much.
Buff, built and, er, fit are all words that spring to mind.
He's not difficult to look at... (Network Ten)
But given we were also about to see a whole other side to Locky away from a deserted set in Fiji where he was forced to fend for himself, we also couldn't help but wonder what he does in every day life.
As it turns out, the answer was quite simple.
"Intermittent fasting," Locky tells Now To Love.
"So I fast from dinner at 7pm, then I don't eat until 12pm the next day."
Locky is an intermittent faster, meaning he only eats between the hours of 12pm and 7pm each day. (Network Ten)
The diet trend is not uncommon in Australia.
As Locky explained, it basically involves alternating cycles of fasting and eating - dictated more about when one eats as opposed to what they eat.
There has been various kinds of research and conclusions drawn as to its effectiveness, and it's known to be an effective diet regime for people who tend to eat more at night or have a late lunch.

As for what he actually eats during his feeding window, there's one thing that will always have Locky's heart: Burritos.
"I love Mexican and I love a good burrito," he tells us, before adding: "I can't do spicy though...".
He also adds egg and bacan wraps to his go-to list, as well as fruit for snacking on.
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And exercise itself is also important to keep in tip-top physique, Locky says - but he never overdoes it.
"If you get at least 15 minutes a day of physical exercise - you'll stay pretty healthy," he says.
It appears 15 is in fact his lucky number - and not just for physical health.
"I try to read for 15 minutes a day too, and I try to do 15 minutes of brain training," he explains.
"My attention span is pretty short, if I stick with 15 it's enough to get me by with enough time for everything."
Sounds like a method we could all get on board with!

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