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Tik Tok DMs aside, The Bachelor's Juliette brought to light a wider issue about Australian television - and it deserves our attention

A Latina Queen.

By Jess Pullar
The Bachelor's Juliette Herrera left Australian audiences with one thing in mind when she made her grand exit from the show on Wednesday evening.
Vivacious, outspoken and oh-so-bold, she waved goodbye to Locky - and the mansion - with a fizz and a bang after telling the Aussie suitor that she was, quite frankly, far too good for him - especially given her line up of famous Tik Tok personalities jumping at the bit to date her.
Honestly, we had to applaud the gal - you can't fault someone who knows what they're worth, and when she's lined 'em up in the DM's, she clearly had plenty to be getting on with.
The grand exit played out a little more dramatically than what actually happened behind the cameras, she told Now To Love the day after the episode went to air.
And the jokes, memes and reactions to her famous Tik Tok line have been rife across social media ever since.
Ever-confident Juliette has taken it all in her stride though (we'd expect nothing less from the Queen herself) - but she's also raised something about her appearance on the show that many people might not have realised.
And this side of the stunning 34-year-old is the one that should really be remembered - so we highly recommend listening up to what she had to say in our Q&A.
Fare ye well to a Queen. (Network Ten)
Now To Love: Wow, what an exit Juliette! How're you feeling after watching your episodes back?
I actually had such a good laugh, I was laughing at myself actually! It was great to watch back.
What do you think of your final cut, did they portray the real you?
I feel like they represented me and everyone as truthfully as possible. Your predominant persona is what's shown. You can't blame an edit on something, you're providing them with the footage.
How have you found the reactions from fans of the show?
I have actually felt so encouraged and comforted by thousands of messages from people. The stuff they've told me is so inspiring - I've had people tell me they love my confidence and have stood up to their bullies because of me.
And others have been amazed to see a Latina on-screen.
They're telling me, 'Finally, I see myself on TV - a fellow Latina representing'. I've had an amazing response from the Latin community.
We're a minority group, and the show gave me such an amazing opportunity to represent our community. I could represent our vivacious attitude, our quirkiness, the party vibes, that raw honesty - I'm so grateful that The Bachelor let a brown Latina shine on TV.
That's so true, it really brings to light a bigger conversation - a much more important one than any of the petty drama on the show, right?
Exactly. Like when I grew up here, I never saw a Latina in a magazine, or on TV, and it made me feel invisible and ugly and not important, so this is a breakthrough for our community and other minorities.
We should be celebrating women of all ethnicities on TV.
Juliette single-handedly shone a light on a glaring issue on Australian TV. (Network Ten)
Love this! Are you planning to do anything more to further that conversation now you've had this experience on TV?
I love that you asked this! I'm actually starting an Instagram TV (IGTV) series called Not My Lyric, which will be a forum to discuss issues that pertain to people of colour, as well as things like mental health, depression, anxiety and eating disorders.
It's going to be about self acceptance and touch on things that are tough to talk about, but to have those tough discussions about issues.
I don't want people to feel alone - that's what I'm trying to do [with the new series].
Juliette is now starting an IGTV series to continue to give voices to minority communities. (Instagram)
This is amazing, we can't wait to watch! And with all of that in mind, tell us more about this experience on the show - how did that final scene with Locky really play out behind the camera?
The edit was quite hilarious - I went into that conversation with determination to get some answers - and we came to the conclusion that we're not right for each other.
I basically just grabbed him and said either let me go, or if you want me give me a single date, do it. I had DMs to go back to from boys from LA - Tik Tok guys, Disney stars, honestly!
And he was good about it, he wanted to save my dignity to not go into the rose ceremony. So he walked me to the limo, and I said to him 'If to you want to get a Pure Blonde with me, let's do it' - he loves Pure Blondes.
Ah yes, we can imagine that. So tell us what we all want to know - did you go back to those guys who slid into your DMs?
Oh yeah, we were talking, but I don't want to go to LA right now, it's too scary with COVID. Plus the borders are closed - borders are now my biggest... border [laughs].
And indulge us, are you dating people here?
Oh yeah, I've been asked out a few times. I'm just working out who's worth shaving my legs for now they've seen me on TV. We'll see...
Ever-sassy Juliette was onwards and upwards after her time on the show. (Network Ten)
Fair call! And is there anything else you're up to that you want to talk about?
I've actually just teamed up with The Motor Neurone Disease Association of NSW, it's a disease that took my dad away from me and I want to advocate for people who've had or been affected by that illness.
I want to finish my dad's legacy and keep working on that.
And finally, I guess I just want to say that The Bachelor changed my life - it gave me confidence to accept myself as I am, a Latin woman in Australia with a voice.

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