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EXCLUSIVE: The Bachelor's Juliette Herrera slams the other contestants for being fake

Things are getting nasty behind closed doors in The Bachelor Australia mansion.

By Helen Vnuk
A week into the new season of The Bachelor Australia, one of the bachelorettes is unleashing on her rivals on the show.
Juliette, a stylist from NSW, has called out some of the other girls as being fake.
"I think there are some girls who act one way in front of Locky and another when he's not around." (Network Ten)
"I think there are some girls who act one way in front of Locky and another when he's not around," Juliette tells TV WEEK.
"I find this really challenging, as I try to be as transparent as possible and don't present any falsehood. It's not always pretty, but I'm not trying to hide who I am."
The 34-year-old says it's difficult to know who to trust among the girls.
"Some people will smile to your face, but be nasty behind closed doors," she adds.
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But it's Juliette herself who's at the centre of a huge scandal on The Bachelor this week, when she pulls a sneaky move.
Juliette, Areeba and Kristina make a pact to talk to Locky as a group at the cocktail party. But after their group chat, Juliette slips him a note.
She says the note contains "probably the most personal and vulnerable words I have ever said to a man".
"It's intensely competitive to try to get that one-on-one time with Locky at the cocktail parties," she explains.
"So I felt compelled to do something out of the norm to grab his attention from a pure, real place."
Juliette makes a move to get Locky's attention. (Network Ten)
So does she think that by doing so she was breaking girl code?
"To be honest, I didn't think writing a letter was breaking girl code. I love Areeba and Kristina, but my priority was to spend time with Locky and have a moment to reveal to him more about who I am."
The question is, will Areeba and Kristina see it quite the same way?
The Bachelor continues on Wednesday and Thursday at 7.30pm on Ten.

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