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The uniquely stunning Zoe-Clare is tackling The Bachelor against the odds - and it's not just because she's the only red head

She has a past that she's ready to move on from.

By Jess Pullar
We're all for a unique personality when it comes to The Bachelor - and in the case of on of 2020's most striking contestants, Zoe-Clare McDonald goes above and beyond.
The 23-year-old Queenslander is no doubt about to make a lasting impression on Locky Gilbert (and the Australian public) with her model-esque looks and unique persona - we certainly won't be forgetting that red hair tirade for a while...
But there's another reason why Zoe-Clare has stood out - and it's all to do with her past.
Zoe-Clare is about to make an impression of the Australian public. (Network Ten)

Who is The Bachelor's Zoe Clare?

At 23, you'd think Zoe-Clare was as young, wild and free as ever, but things haven't always been smooth sailing for her, it appears.
In teasers for the show, Zoe reveals that she's actually experienced a difficult heartbreak.
"After my last relationship, I focused heavily on work and kind of shut out the opportunity to meet someone."
Luckily, it looks like she's ready to move forward now - and Locky may well be the man for the job.
Zoe went through a break-up which she's now ready to move on from. (Instagram)
Of course, there's another thing that'll stand out about this striking Queenslander - Zoe's hair.
Yes, those fiery locks are unmistakable - and interestingly stand her apart from the other girls in the mansion - no other flame-haired beauties like her in the cast list.
In the premiere episode, she delivered quite the monologue about her hair, appearing to break down because she felt sidelined as the "only ranga".
"You know what? I'm proud of being a ranga. I will be a ranga until the day I die. We are more striking than any other human this worth… that walks this Earth. Don't have our blue eyes or brown or our green eyes that can literally stop traffic," she told the cameras.
Zoe has been blessed with glorious red hair. (Instagram)
Interestingly, however, Zoe-Clare has dappled in other hair colours in her time.
A quick glance at her Instagram will tell you she's gone blonde before - and just like her red locks, she pulled it off just as well.
She pulls off blonde as well as she does red. (Instagram)
It looks like Zoe is also super family orientated.
On her Instagram page, she has photos with a young child that looks to be her nephew.
"Aunty Obsession," she wrote alongside a sweet pic of her and the toddler.

She also shared a picture of her family back in February alongside her dad and likely her sister, writing: "I just took a DNA test turns out, I'm 99.999% my fathers genetics."

We'll look forward to seeing how Zoe-Clare goes on the show - something tells us she'll very easily stand out from the crowd.
Stay tuned!

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