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EXCLUSIVE: The Bachelor love child shock that's rocked the mansion

Is The Bachelor having a baby?

Bachelor fans were left gobsmacked to hear that Matt Agnew had allegedly had a late-night rendezvous with a contestant while filming the show. And now speculation has emerged there could be a Bachelor baby on the way!
Woman's Day is told Matt, 32, received a late-night visitor at the Bachelor pad during filming from one of the Bachelorettes desperate to "reignite their spark" after the cameras were switched off for the day.
"She was getting jealous of the other girls' connections with Matt and was trying to win him over," the insider explains. "So she snuck out of the mansion one night and stayed over."
According to the spy, the head-over-heels Bachelorette "left when all the girls were asleep and came back first thing in the morning" and before she knew it there was an uproar and bedlam ensued.
"It was the biggest scandal ever – the girls turned on her completely from that point on and no one trusted her," says the source.
The girls were not happy! (Image: Network Ten)
It's believed the mystery Bachelorette had help in arranging the rendezvous, since the girls are stripped of their phones while filming.
"There's just no way you would be able to see Matt otherwise," adds our source.
23-year-old Abbie Chatfield recently denied any of the girls could have bedded Matt, deeming it "impossible".
Abbie previously denied any of the girls could have bedded Matt, deeming it "impossible". (Image: Network Ten)
But Woman's Day's sources insist if there had been any such commotion in the mansion it would most likely be left on the cutting room floor and considered "too scandalous" for TV.
Meanwhile, in a recent interview, Matt coincidentally confessed he couldn't wait to be a father.
"I'd love to be a young dad," he says. "It's something I'd like to get stuck into sooner rather than later!"
Matt says he'd love to be a young dad. (Image: Network Ten)

Fame-hungry Rachael exposed!

She caused a stir when she arrived at the Bachelor mansion wearing a wedding gown, but Rachael Arahill's spotlight is all but dimming, thanks to Abbie.
Rachael, 23, is said to be furious with producers over her small amount of screen time since Abbie and Monique Morley's infamous "dog c---" saga rocked the season.
"Rachael is obsessed with being famous. She's been bragging to all her friends that she only went on for the Instagram followers and fame, and that she never liked Matt," an insider tells Woman's Day.
WATCH: Rachael walks down the aisle to meet Matt. Post continues after video...
"She wanted to be the big villain of the season and has been furious that Monique and Abbie have outshone her."
The spy adds that Rachael is devastated that the only attention she's had is about her lips.
"She's really jealous of Abbie and has been complaining to the other girls that Abbie is getting way too much airtime," says the source.
Rachael, along with Sogand, Nichole and Tash, says Abbie's getting too much coverage. (Image: Network Ten)

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