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EXCLUSIVE: Bachelor contestant says it’s “impossible” to have sex in the mansion

''We don't even get a minute with Matt off camera!''

By Zara Zubeidi
Matt Agnew has already been described as one of the friskiest Bachelors we've ever seen, with recent rumours suggesting he bedded one of the contestants during filming.
However, according to 23-year-old Bachelorette Abbie Chatfield, the rumours are well and truly false.
When asked about the allegations, the curly-haired star said it'd be "impossible".
"We don't even get a minute with Matt off camera," she explains. "And there's always someone next to us. It's impossible!"
In fact, last year, 2Day FM radio star and former TV WEEK Gold Logie winner Grant Denyer revealed that sex was off limits on the hit dating show.
"You're not allowed to get it on," he said. "There's no sex allowed on set."
Abbie says it would be impossible to get too frisky in the Bachelor mansion. (Image: Network Ten)
However, the rules are said to be different for The Bachelor Australia spin-off Bachelor in Paradise.
"You have to announce to the whole crew that you're about to do it and they go, 'Bring in the consent camera'," Grant explained.
"And they bring in a consent camera where you go to confess to everybody on production that 'I consent to doing this,' before you actually do it in front of everyone. That is the formal process of how to get it on, on television in Australia for 2018."
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While there was no funny business in the mansion, it hasn't stopped our new Bachelor kissing, well, everyone.
And in a new trailer released on Monday (WATCH in the player above), it seems our Matt can't take his mouth off one very lucky contestant.
The kiss takes place at a cocktail party, no less, leaving the other women reeling!
"She was just around the corner, hooking up with our boyfriend," Sogand Mohtat, who received the first kiss of the season says.
Following the undercover pash, there are tears, swearing, shock and Matt saying: "Tonight has been a tremendous waste of time. Absolutely done my head in."
Matt is none-too pleased with the ladies. (Image: Network Ten)
"What the hell just happened?" Mary says, and what, indeed!
With the drama already well and truly here - it's hard to tell which lucky lady will ultimately win Matt's heart.
All we know is that in a recent interview with TV WEEK, our Bachie-babe revealed he has found love on the series, and while he can't reveal who that lucky lady is, he admits he does have a type.
"Compassion, generous, warm, caring… Someone who's a lot of fun and doesn't take things too seriously," he says, describing his dream girl.
"There's no requirement in terms of what she has to do or what she likes to do for fun. It's just someone who's excited about something, who's got this passion and wants to share it."
Matt and what appears to be Chelsie, lock lips in a passionate embrace. (Image: Network Ten)

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