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Bachelor bombshell: Is Matt Agnew ready to give up?

Nice guy Matt has had enough of the bickering, jealous Bachelorettes.

After last season's diabolical finale, where Nick "Honey Badger" Cummins failed to pick a winner, Woman's Day understands astrophysicist Matthew Agnew sent the show's production into sheer panic after the crazy antics of the women left the scientist feeling stressed and "constantly questioning himself throughout filming".
"Matt became really affected by all the drama in the house," says our on-set spy, who insists the 32-year-old was left having to lean on his producers for support about who to keep and let go."

Cameras stopped

According to our source, at one stage Matt asked for the cameras to be turned off and broke off a single date out of fear of hurting the other women.
"There was a constant struggle … he hated getting close to the women knowing it would put a target on their backs," adds the source, who reveals frontrunner Abbie Chatfield, 23, is subjected to a tirade of abuse from the other women after kissing Matt on a single date.
"It meant Matt was failing to form chemistry with a lot of the girls… a concern when you're making a show about love!" adds the insider.
Abbie was subjected to a tirade of abuse from the other women after kissing Matt on a single date. (Image: Network Ten)

Foul-mouthed fallout!

Meanwhile, Woman's Day can reveal the cherry on top of Matt's tumultuous journey comes when he's left feeling burnt by fashion designer Monique Morley after she's caught out calling the suitor a "dog c---"!
While the 26-year-old maintained it was a joke, Matt was said to be left fuming on the set by her choice words, which caused quite the stir in the mansion.
WATCH: Monique enters the Bachelor mansion. Post continues after video...
As if the pressures of 28 needy suitresses weren't enough for Matt, now Woman's Day can reveal tensions behind the scenes escalated so much, the girls even turned on the handsome scientist!
There was a lot of chatter about Matt speaking to producers "behind the girls' backs", says our source. Matt was heavily relied on to fill the producers in when they couldn't be on set, particularly in scenes with vehicles, such as helicopters and boats.
"Some girls felt they couldn't open up to Matt without it getting back to them."

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