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Matty J throws some serious shade at the Honey Badger during an all-star cameo on The Bachelor

Pick someone...

By Anita Lyons
It's crunch time in the Bachie mansion and our gallant hero, Matt Agnew, is now down to his final seven women.
And after Mary Viturino was sent home last night, let's face it, we were left feeling a little devastated - because there goes the best commentary of the season.
And just as we began to lick our wounds - a new promo for next week has been released... and it looks good!
In a Bachie first, we see some all-stars arrive at the mansion to give Matt some much needed advice on the final stages of the process.
The "Bachelor royalty", as Matt calls them, includes power couples Sam and Snezana Wood and Laura Byrne and Matty 'J' Johnson.
By far some of the most successful couples to have come out of the franchise, it's clear that production have brought in the big guns, presumably to ensure that Matt chooses, well, someone.
Matt Agnew, Matty J Johnson and Sam Wood in the kitchen. (Source: Network Ten)
Of course we're referring to the debacle that was Nick Cummins' season - when he chose precisely zero of the 28 women presented to him.
In the promo, Matty J is seen taking a swipe at the former Bachelor, saying: "Pick someone!" LOL.
"Yeah, good advice," Matt says with an awkward laugh...because nobody wants to be THAT guy, eh, Nick!
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During the episode, we'll see Matt having a heart-to-heart with the former Bachie's who once stood in his place, Matty J and Sam, who seem to grill him about "pashing everyone" and also tell him that "every rose ceremony gets harder and harder".
Meanwhile, Laura and Snezana hang out with the final seven, who SQUEAL with delight at the fact that the two women are in their presence.
They are tasked with bringing back who they think Matt's "potential winner" is - leaving Matt a little shocked at who they picked.
Matt with the all-star Bach brigade! (Source: Network Ten)
Matty J is also a little apprehensive over the pick, saying:
"She is quite the package. But she is also quite young. When I was 25, I definitely wasn't ready to settle down," leading us to believe that maybe he's referring to Helena.
Whoever it may be, we're SO excited for this next episode!
Bring on Wednesday!

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