Married At First Sight

EXCLUSIVE: Married at First Sight's Tamara throws out her wedding dress amidst Jessika and Dan affair

Dan's betrayal made her feel sick!

By NW team
It seems Tamara Joy feels she's, ahem, bin there done that with her love rat "hubby" Dan Webb.
The reality star was spotted outside her Victorian home on March 9 tossing the wedding dress she wore down the aisle.
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"We came into this experiment to find love and if that's not working, what is the point?" the 29-year-old tells NW.
Tam vowed to give things a good shot with Dan, 35 – who's been sneaking behind her back with Jessika Power.
Tamara has been seen throwing out her wedding dress. (Source: Exclusive)
In the bin you go! (Source: Exclusive)
"I am a pretty loyal person and once I commit to something I like to stick to it" says the TV star.
But it looks like she reached her, um, tipping point.
Yep, the gown's got to go! In fact, Tam's revealed Dan's betrayal "makes me feel sick" and her groom needs to "grow up".
So how does Jessika feel about betraying Tamara's trust?
In an interview with TV Week, Jessika knew she'd face scrutiny for her actions – and was so worried, she immediately called her sister to talk it over.
"I was going against girl code [with Tamara]; against my moral compass and feeling horrible doing it," Jessika says. "I hate confrontation."
But despite knowing pursuing Dan would disrespect Mick and Tamara, Jessika followed her heart.
"I'm not proud of how I went about it and hurt people," she says. "It wasn't the best thing for us [Dan and her] to do to our partners.
"But we all came onto the show to find someone to be with. In real life, we'd never do this to someone we're in a relationship with."
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So after both Jessika and Dan decided to stay in the experiment for each other, it seems there's a whole lot more drama on the way!

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