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EXCLUSIVE: Married At First Sight's Lizzie "doesn't care" what her former husband Sam has to say about her

''I don’t really care for what he says.''

By Alex Lilly
They haven't even been in the experiment for a week, but already Lizzie and Seb have been crowned this year's Married At First Sight dream couple.
Yet despite finding happiness after 2019's disaster season, Lizzie's former on-screen husband Sam Ball couldn't resist weighing in on her second shot on the experience, even commenting on her weight loss after calling her "big" on their wedding day.
But Lizzie, 29, has no interest in listening to her haters, and has put Sam well and truly in the past.
Lizzie and Sam had a disastrous marriage on the last season of MAFS. (Image: Nine Network)
Speaking to C! News, season six villain Sam admitted that while he had no interest in watching the new series, he wished his ex the "best of luck", before sharing his thoughts on her weight loss in an Instagram Q&A.
"Health and fitness is huge, good on Lizzie for going down that path and living a healthy lifestyle. It'd benefit anyone! It'll affect your work life, sex life and mental state. Being healthy is huge on your body," he said.
During an exclusive chat with Now To Love, Lizzie made it clear that Sam's comments mean nothing to her.
"I mean there's nothing to even say on that. I don't really care for what he says," she confessed.
"He tried to be like he was never guilty of anything the whole time. Whatever comment comes my way, it's not even acknowledged really."
"I mean there's nothing to even say on that," Lizzie said of Sam's remarks. (Image: Nine Network)
Whilse she's "not confirming or denying" that she and second husband Seb are still together or not, she has made some friends this season.
Sam and the rest of the season six cast may be out of the picture, but Lizzie confessed that she's stayed tight with fellow intruders KC and Drew as well as Stacey, the latter of whom she has a "very soft spot for," and has been dealing with a lot of drama with her husband, Michael.
"Because she takes care of her appearance and she's a very pretty girl, I feel like sometimes people feel like they can't get past that and actually see that she comes across as a bit icy because she doesn't want to get hurt," Lizzie explained.
"She's just trying to get by and she genuinely liked him [Michael] and people need to cut her a little bit of slack to be honest."
Lizzie says that people need to cut Lizzie "a little bit of slack." (Image: Nine Network)
When asked about Stacey's reaction to the cheating scandal and how she defended Michael without batting an eyelid, Lizzie said that it was because like herself, Stacey is "fiercely loyal" and sometimes "sees things with rose-coloured glasses."
"But whoever we're closest with at the moment, we're fiercely loyal, even if we can maybe be in denial."
WATCH BELOW: MAFS' Stacey blames Hayley for taking advantage of Michael. Post continues after video...
Lizzie admits that the reason why she decided to give MAFS a second go was because she didn't get a chance the first time round to build a relationship with Sam.
But with reality TV there comes a whole lot of scrutiny from the public eye and Lizzie wants the general public to be kind to the contestants.
"Everyone that goes through this process and does the show, they're just trying to navigate their way," she explained.
"Give everyone a break at some point because it's a high-pressure environment while filming and the things that you never say out loud, you're encouraged to talk about and then you're trying to deal with the process afterwards."
"People should really take into consideration that they are human too and are trying to navigate the best way that they can whether people can agree with it or not."
"It's a high-pressure environment while filming and the things that you never say out loud, you're encouraged to talk about." (Image: Nine Network)

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