Married At First Sight

Sam Ball shares a message to his former MAFS wife Lizzie ahead of her intruder wedding

''I haven’t watched this season at all. It doesn’t interest me.''

By Alex Lilly
Cast your minds back to the last season of MAFS when Lizzie Sobinoff and Sam Ball met at the end of the aisle.
The couple's match wasn't one of the experts' best matches, but it seems that the former Married At First Sight groom has no hard feelings towards his on-screen ex-wife, but admitted that there's "no chance" he'll be tuning in to the show.
Sam has shared a message of support to his former 'wife' Lizzie. (Image: Instagram @who_is_samm)
Speaking to C! News, the season six villain admitted, "I haven't watched this season at all," adding that it "doesn't interest" him.
"I already know what happens behind the scenes of that show," he added, before sharing a message to Lizzie, who is entering the experiment as an intruder bride.
"My message to Lizzie is just best of luck, I think she'll go great. She's having another go and hopefully this time the experts match her and they'll do the right job," he said.
"I think she said from the start, we both weren't each other's type and we both wanted to find love but it's just hard, when we got put in such a stressful situation like that."
Lizzie was married to Sam in the show's sixth season. (Image: Nine Network)
Sam has previously described his time on MAFS as "a living hell" and quit social media for six months after the show aired.
The fitness enthusiast was at the centre of the season six drama due to his affair with fellow bride Ines, but has spoken about how the whole situation was set up by producers.
"Blokes would come up to me and say, 'My missus loathes you,'" he remarked adding that his comments to Lizzie on their wedding day were taken out of context.
"Some of the comments I made back then, the way they made it sound was not how I meant it, I answered the same question five times before what I said came out," he explained.
"I said great smile, great eyes, I'm sure we'll get along fine. And the producers were like, 'Come on Sam, give us something extra – you wanted this, you wanted that' and they keep pushing you."
WATCH BELOW: Sam calls Elizabeth big on their wedding day. Post continues after video...
Goofy and lovable Seb Guilhaus, who is Lizzie's second MAFS husband, seems to be a perfect match. In fact, thanks to some sneaky Insta clues, fans have reason to believe that they are still loved-up in the real world.
Suspicions first arose in December when the 32-year-old semi-pro AFL player shared a couple of photos of himself enjoying a luxury high tea in Sydney, and just a day later Lizzie shared her own snaps at the same location.
A Christmas date per chance?
Adelaide local Seb shared an Instagram enjoying high tea in Sydney back in December. (Image: Instagram @seb.guilhaus)
And Lizzie shared a snap from the same location just a day afterwards. (Image: Instagram @lizalizzieelizabeth)
What's more in February, the pair shared their own snaps climbing Mount Lofty near Seb's South Australian hometown dressed in their black activewear.
Despite their long-distance romance, it seems that Lizzie and Seb are a strong unit and are learning from one another.
In a post shared to her Instagram in February, Lizzie wrote "I'm trying to live more in the moment. Yesterday I said to someone very close to me that I'd like to go on a picnic. I was actually able to let myself go and laugh. Which isn't always easy for me. Trying to practice to be present isn't easy!"
Fingers crossed it's second time lucky!
Lizzie shared a photo of herself atop Mount Lofty in Adelaide in February. (Image: Instagram @lizalizzieelizabeth)
Hang on, didn't we just see Lizzie there? (Image: Instagram @seb.guilhaus)

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