Married At First Sight

EXCLUSIVE: Lizzie is officially ready for babies with her MAFS groom Seb Guilhaus

''I've never felt love like this!''

By OK! team
Their chemistry is off-the-hook hot, and now, Married At First Sight's returning bride Lizzie Sobinoff admits to OK! she's ready for babies with her groom Seb Guilhaus!
"I'm the happiest I've ever been," she gushes.
"He's such a great guy and I'm just completely open-minded to any situation thrown at me when it comes to my future with Seb."
While onscreen, we've only just seen Lizzie and Seb married and enjoying their honeymoon, on-set insiders say Lizzie and Seb are the real deal.
"They're completely smitten with one another and since the show finished filming they've barely left each other's side," the source tells.
"They're completely in love."
Lizzie and Seb are the real deal, by the looks of things! (Channel Nine)
The fact that she was paired with a groom who so obviously 'gets' her has been a huge relief for fan fave Lizzie, 28.
"I was terrified I was going to end up in another Sam Ball situation," she says.
Last year, Lizzie's disastrous marriage to groom Sam was all but over before their honeymoon – and he went on to hook up with another bride, Ines Basic behind Lizzie's back.
"Seb is no Sam that's for sure," laughs Lizzie.
"What I adore about Seb is that he sees the positive in every situation. He always wants to help everybody and he wears his heart on his sleeve. He's a very cool guy."
Lizzie is ready for babies with her on-screen husband Seb! (Instagram)
Loved-up Lizzie adds that because Seb has now received the approval of her family and friends – they were initially "worried" about her return to the show but now think Seb is "lovely" – she feels even more confident about getting serious with her husband.
"I have a sense of calm with him," she says.
"I can't wait to see what our future holds."
Insiders insist the future could include babies – and sooner rather than later!
"She's been talking kids a lot lately," our source adds.
"She's ready for that step."
But while Lizzie and Seb seem to be the real deal, two other couples are hanging by a thread.
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Yep, despite starting out in the experiment as one of the strongest couples, a source tells OK! Jonethen Musulin, 27, and Connie Crayden, 27, won't last much longer, after some recent hiccups in their marriage.
"He's freaking out about her unpredictable and clingy behaviour," the source reveals.
"She follows him wherever he goes! He's feeling pretty trapped by her."
For now though, Connie seems unaware of the instability of the marriage. Oh no!
Are things as peachy perfect as they seem between these two? (Channel Nine)
Meanwhile, bride Mishel Karen, 49, was left devastated after her husband Steve Burley, 52, cruelly confided that he "wasn't physically attracted to her", after seeing her in a bikini during a recent date.
But OK! hears that a tearful Mishel is 'furious and humiliated' by Steve's dishonesty.
"Mishel is livid that Steve took this long to tell her he wasn't into her!" a friend says.
"And more revelations mean the couple will soon reach boiling point."
Mishel and Steve could be donezo before long... (Channel Nine)

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