I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here!

EXCLUSIVE: I'm A Celeb's Ryan Gallagher slams Married At First Sight co-stars as snakes

Critters won’t bother this reality hunk in the jungle!

By NW team
After appearing alongside "a bunch of snakes" on the 2018 season of Married At First Sight – his words, not ours! – I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here! star Ryan Gallagher says the South African jungle holds no fears – unless he's forced to parachute out of a plane.
"Then I'm rooted," he squeals. "When it comes to heights, I'm cactus!"
So what else does the radio host and comedian worry about when it comes to his jungle stint? Well, it's definitely not stripping down to his Speedos in a national magazine, that's for sure!
The MAFS star has no fear when it comes to being confronted with snakes in the jungle. Source: NW
So, Ryan, how will you go if you have to eat cockroach testicles in a challenge?
I didn't know cockroaches had testicles! I'd go alright – they'd be quite small, wouldn't they? Just so long as I don't have to eat oysters again like I did on MAFS, I'll be OK.
And how will you react if your MAFS mates Davina Rankin or Dean Wells turn up at the camp?
Nah, they won't. I can tell you 100 percent that this show is not for them.
Ryan says despite feeling like he could tackle eating cockroach testicles, he would never be able to eat another oyster... ever again! Source: Ten
Do you still talk to or hang out with anyone from MAFS?
I don't speak to anyone from that show whatsoever. They're the people who tell – and sell – stories about me so that's why I don't hang around with those snakes. I stopped answering calls, returning messages and going to events. I don't care about that s**t and I never have. I just want to entertain people.
Are you worried about how you'll come across on TV this time around?
Nah. When I went on MAFS, everyone would say, "Oh, I was edited to look like a prick," and I'd be like, "Nah, you haven't been edited to look like a prick – it's because you are a prick, I can assure you!" I'm just going to go into the jungle and be meself, like I was on MAFS. If I get voted off, I get voted off.
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Do you think you could be King of the Jungle?
I really want to be. I don't know if I can be... but it would be fantastic to win.
What will you miss most when you're away?
My four dogs, Bully, Burt, Nala and Archie. They go everywhere with me. I'll miss my family too and my food. I do intermittent fasting, but if I get really hangry, I can just eat one of me other campmates!
Is there a Hollywood celebrity you'd like to see in the jungle?
Cara Delevingne.
The reality star says if he could pick any celebrity to join him in the jungle, it would be English supermodel Cara Delevingne. Source: Instagram
So, there was recently buzz that you and Jackie O were dating...
It's bullsh*t! No truth to that rumour whatsoever. We're just friends. Don't get me wrong – she's absolutely lovely – but we're just mates.
That's a shame. You would make a great couple!
She's beautiful and she's been great with tips for working in radio, but we are definitely just good friends.
Fair enough. So does that mean you'd be open to finding love – or sharing a sleeping bag – with a fellow camper?
I'm as single as a Pringle at the moment. So yeah, sure, I'd be open to hooking up in the jungle. If I meet someone and we have a connection, I'll give it a good crack, even if there are cameras watching all the time.
So you'd have sex in camp then?
Nah, I don't think I could go the full monty – my mum will be watching! But I'm definitely fine to go for a bit of a smooch.

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