I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here!

Could Charlotte Crosby and Ryan Gallagher be this year's hot I'm A Celeb couple?

He does give her a tingle after all...

By Alex Lilly
Do we have a budding I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here romance on the cards this year?
On Monday night's episode, sparks flew between Geordie Shore's Charlotte Crosby and former Married At First Sight groom Ryan Gallagher, with many fans back home remarking on social media that love was definitely in the air.
Is that a jungle romance we spy? (Images: Network Ten)
During the episode, Ryan, 31, made fun of Charlotte's ex-boyfriend of two years, Ex On The Beach's Joshua Ritchie, whom she split with mere weeks before heading to South Africa.
Even Charlotte admitted in a piece to camera that she sees some truth in Ryan's opinions.
"So Ryan kind of thinks that I always pick the wrong kind of people. I do think that's kind of true," she admitted on Monday night.
"I'm my own worst enemy. I'm dangerous, I'm dangerous to myself. I'd be walking out of here with a baboon, trying to marry it!"
"I'm my own worst enemy," Charlotte said when it comes to choosing men. (Image: Network Ten)
And whilst Charlotte admitted that she found The Living Room's Miguel Maestre attractive thanks to his Spanish charm, the 29-year-old reality star also told Ryan the same thing.
"I think Ryan is so funny, he makes us laugh so much," she confessed to the camera. "He's really good looking, he's really handsome. His legs are a bit paler than the rest of his body that kind of freaks us out but other than that, he gives us a bit of a tingle, you know?"
And the feeling is mutual, as Ryan told Charlotte that she is on his level and understands his humour.
"She's someone I've never come across before, she's a funny gem. She's got a heart of gold, she's easy to be around," he told the camera.
Is Ryan feeling that tingle too? (Image: Network Ten)
Fans took to social media to share their delight at the prospect of a jungle romance with some even referencing Ryan's MAFS wife Davina Rankin.
"Does Ryan realise that Charlotte as a brunette, and with the ability to pronounce vowels, looks exactly like Davina?" one wrote.
"Davina would make anyone afraid of women," another penned.
Even before the show had officially kicked off, the chemistry between Charlotte and Ryan was obvious.
"I can't believe that Ryan is here!" Charlotte said during the premiere episode. "The thing about me and Ryan is, we had never met but we have spoken on social media..."
Ryan himself remarked, "I'm happy to meet Charlotte. She seems like she's a lot of fun. She's mad but I am also mad."
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In a previous chat with NW, Ryan admitted that he's 100 per cent open to finding love on the show.
"I'm as single as a Pringle at the moment. So yeah, sure, I'd be open to hooking up in the jungle," he revealed.
"If I meet someone and we have a connection, I'll give it a good crack, even if there are cameras watching all the time."

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