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EXCLUSIVE: Inside Sophie Monk and MAFS' Ryan Gallagher’s shock romance

Friends say the pair are smitten after falling for each other’s "goofy" personalities.

Apparently there's a damn good reason Love Island host Sophie Monk isn't interested in a fling with one of the castaways on her reality show in Spain, and that's because she's already got a man waiting for her back at home – Married At First Sight hunk Ryan Gallagher!
This is not a drill, people!
New love alert! Has our girl Sophie found love with MAFS' Ryan?
According to industry insiders, the reality babes, who each failed to find love on TV, started seeing each other more than a month ago, and it was basically love at first sight.
"They were set up by their mutual friend Jackie O [the KIIS FM radio host] after Ry revealed he had a crush on Soph," the insider spills to NW.
"Soph gave Ryan a call one night and the rest is history!"
With Sophie, 38, being over in Mallorca, Spain, while Love Island films, the new couple have been making it work long distance until the TV personality comes home in about three weeks time.
They've got a least one thing in common - both Sophie and Ryan had failed relationships from dating shows.
"They're talking everyday on the phone for, like, five hours," the insider dishes to NW. "They're seriously smitten with each other."
In fact, things are said to be so serious between the pair that Ryan, 30, has already got the seal of approval from Sophie's sister Lucy!
"They're following each other on Instagram and she thinks he's perfect for Soph," the source adds. "Lucy has always wanted Soph to find what she has – a devoted partner to have children with – and she thinks that Ry could be that bloke!"
And despite the age gap between the pair, "no-one's batting an eyelid at it because they're just so compatible."
This is said to be a dream come true for Ry, who's long held a torch for the bombshell blonde.
Looking good Ryan! The unlucky in love MAFS star has been showing-off his fitness makeover on social media.
"I like a full-on plain girl who walks around in her trackies and is a bit of a bogan, like Sophie Monk," Ry gushed to NW back in December.
"Sophie's just got the personality that I love – you know, [the type] who just wants to do stuff with me and likes the stuff that I want to do. My best mate and a relationship, I love that."
If it does work out between the pair, we could expect to see some rugrats in the future, as Soph's already revealed plans to freeze her eggs when she returns Down Under.
"It's all booked in. So, I go to Spain to do Love Island and then I'm going to do a travel special with [best friend] Oscar [Gordon] in Italy, then fly straight back and freeze them," the 38-year-old recently revealed to good friend Jackie O.
And Ry is so on board.
"I can't wait – I f**king love kids," he gushes. "I want between four and six."
Well, you kids better get busy!

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