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WATCH: I'm A Celebrity's Erin Barnett shares heartbreaking details about her endometriosis diagnosis

''I had a two kilo cyst. They thought I was pregnant at 14.''

By Alex Lilly
Erin Barnett may be far away from home in the African jungle, but in new footage, the reality star reveals a personal health conflict that she's been battling for years.
In an unseen clip from Tuesday night's episode of I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here, the 24-year-old Love Island runner-up opens up about her endometriosis diagnosis and how it's affected her life for 10 years.
Watch the full clip in the player above.
Love Island runner-up Erin was diagnosed with endometriosis at 14-years-old. (Image: Network Ten)
Endometriosis is a chronic condition that affects one in 10 women and occurs when the cells in the lining of the uterus (called the endometrium) grow outside of it.
Speaking to campmates Myf Warhurst and Miguel Maestre about who their chosen charities for the competition are, the Love Island star revealed that she will be donating to Endometriosis Australia.
Erin has a personal connection to the charity as she was only 14 years-old when doctors discovered a cyst on her ovary and diagnoses her with the condition.
"I had a two kilo cyst, they thought I was pregnant at 14," Erin confesses to a shocked Myf and Miguel.
"It was a blood cyst that popped inside of me. Having a cyst pop inside of you is the most horrific pain I've ever felt. I got my left ovary removed before I came onto the show. I had five surgeries last year."
"Having a cyst pop inside of you is the most horrific pain I've ever felt." (Image: Instagram @erin.alysha)
At just 24-years-old, Erin has also been forced to accept that she will experience reproductive challenges and discusses this in the clip.
"I feel older [than 24], because I feel like I've fast forwarded my life," she adds to her campmates. "Like a period of your life that I won't have. Like having kids is a big part of your life, and I've just kind of skipped that."
Speaking to the camera, Erin adds: "I'm the youngest in here, so when you say to someone you cant have kids and stuff, they're like oh, but you're so young but I'm not. In my head I'm really 40."
WATCH BELOW: 10 scary facts about endometriosis. Post continues after video...
An active poster on social media, Erin has used her profile to talk candidly about endometriosis and was even forced to defend the stomach tattoo she'd had done as a result of her surgery.
"Everyone asking about my stomach tattoo. I got this tattoo to cover up scars on my stomach as I've had many ovary operations due to having endometriosis & polycystic ovaries," she explained via social media at the time.
"So to everyone calling it a 'tramp tattoo'" she wrote and then posted an emoji that is giving the finger.
Erin defended her stomach tattoo via social media. (Image: Instagram @erin.alysha)
Erin also called out her Love Island ex Eden Dally when he publicly discussed her fertility issues when it was announced that he and his then-partner Cyrell Paule were expecting a child together.
"Let me get this out here and now: If a woman or a man say they can't have children, don't ask why, or worse, ask what's wrong. The implication that you're somehow broken is upsetting. Just accept it and move on.
"Not everyone's life goal is to have a baby, and if someone is infertile, people questioning it really doesn't help. The questions can actually make us feel bad."
Erin with her Love Island ex, Eden Dally. (Image: Nine Network)

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