Married At First Sight

MAFS Davina Rankin on husband Ryan: "My first impression wasn’t great!"

The Brissie model keeps it real as she gets to know her on-screen match.

By OK! team
As the foxy Cheryl Maitland of this season's Married at First Sight, Davina Rankin is well aware people will make their minds up about her very quickly.
But even though we've already joined the glamorous Brisbane model, 26, on the most special day of her life – her wedding to TV partner Ryan, 29 – she's adamant we don't actually know her all that well, and we definitely shouldn't underestimate her.
"There's a lot more to me than the pretty photos you see on the internet," says Davina, who boasts almost 250,000 followers on Instagram.
OK! met Davina for an exclusive shoot at sunny Balmoral Beach in Sydney, where she talked dating, duds, and her new hubby!
Davina has been dubbed this season's Cheryl.
Tell us a little bit about your TV husband Ryan…
Walking down the aisle towards him, I was quite happy visually – he's really good on the eye. He's a tall, manly man, great build.
And when you actually met him?
He spoke a lot through the ceremony, so my first impressions weren't overly great.
He came across straightaway as a larrikin and it made me feel like he wasn't really taking it seriously. I was like, 'Shut up, man. You're embarrassing me and I've only known you for like two minutes!'
"He spoke a lot through the ceremony, so my first impressions weren't overly great."
Davina had a less than stellar first impression of on-screen hubby Ryan.
Did you hear alarm bells at that point?
I'm all for having a laugh, but I appreciate a put-together man. I'm sick of dating boys.
So as soon as I met Ryan I thought, 'Am I just going to be dating a kid? Is this what I've signed up for?' But my opinions started to change throughout the day.
So you started to see him differently?
I think the champagne helped! When we were doing our photos, I was able to chat to him and understand him better.
The good thing about Ryan is he does make you feel comfortable, so it was easier for me to relax as the day went on. And I started to see there is more to him than his crazy, out-there side.
Davina's certainly not shy about showing off her hot bod.
You've said you're "picky" with guys. Did you worry that you weren't giving Ryan a real chance?
If I met Ryan in the real world, I probably wouldn't text him back. I would be like, 'Catch ya, you're not my kind of guy.'
But I put myself on this show to adult my way through a relationship and I have to trust the experts know what they were doing.
Some couple-swapping went on last year. If you found someone else's hubby attractive, would you act on it?!
Totally – it's an experiment, so anything can happen. If you find someone else attractive, you can't help it… It might not necessarily be the best thing, but you're there for a reason, and if it's happening, then it's happening.
The stunning brunette is looking for love.
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