I'm A Celeb star Charlotte Crosby reveals how she lost 20kg and kept it off!

The former Geordie Shore shares her very practical weight loss tips!

By Melanie Burton
Who better to give our sluggish bodies a New Year pep talk than Charlotte Crosby!
Having first shed more than 19kg back in 2014, the former Geordie Shore star is that rare breed of dieting celeb who has managed to maintain her shape without really falling off the wagon.
And, with two best-selling DVDs and a diet book to her name, Char, 29, still pinches herself (not that there's much to pinch!) that she's "an actual fitness guru".
And the most heartening thing about Charlotte's body success? She still allows herself some quality partying time – proof that it's possible to lose weight without having to sit at home munching on chia seeds while your mates head off to the pub without you!
Char does her 3 Minute Belly Blitz workout every morning, then goes for a walk or to the gym later in the day.
Here, NW sits down with Char to talk shedding the kilos and keeping them off, and to get the latest goss on her love life…
OK, so we need to get in shape – New Year, new us! Char, give us your tips to get motivated…
You don't have to be stupidly disciplined. It's about having a balance of everything. It's important to allow yourself a cheat day or two, otherwise you have more chance of quitting altogether. It's good to have that one day where you eat what you want, because then you work towards it.
Is that seriously how you do it, then?
Yeah. So, if there's an occasion like Christmas or a birthday, then you have a big night out drinking and have a massive birthday cake and make a treat of it – just don't have cake every single day.
How are you feeling body-wise?
I'm feeling really happy and confident about my body at the minute. I'm actually the happiest I've been in a long time.
You've lost more than 19kg and kept it off, which is incredible…
I know. Keeping off the weight means that I'm finally at a place where I know this is the size I am, and will be probably for the rest of my life.
Are there any pictures of you that make you think, "I'm never letting myself look like that again?"
Series three to seven of Geordie Shore are full of bits I have to relive. I'm constantly being tagged on Instagram – there's always a fat one of me! I feel like I'm a different person now – I'm full of energy, I'm much happier. I look at those pictures and I feel like it was a sad time – I wasn't confident and I was always sluggish and tired, because my diet was so awful.
Did you realise that you were so unhappy?
No, I thought that was normal until I got fit and healthy. Losing weight isn't just about the way you look – obviously you feel better, but it's your mind and your health that changes massively.
Before, I couldn't walk up a flight of stairs without getting out of breath. But after exercising for a couple of weeks, I found everything so much easier. I could run to the car without feeling like I was going to die!

Do you weigh yourself daily?
No, I can't remember the last time I weighed myself. I usually go by how my clothes fit. If I had to guess, I'd probably say I'm about 9st 4lb [59kg]. I'm 5'7" [174cm] and I'm a size 8-10 dress. I used to buy a size 16, because I wanted everything a bit baggy on me. I felt so embarrassed about how I looked.
Is there anything you used to eat that you don't now?
Pasta. Carbonara – it was my favourite food in the world. Or I would have spaghetti, put loads of salt on it, then grate a whole thing of cheese on top.

Here are Charlotte's rules for slimming down – while still having a life!

1. "Eat the best you can, sticking to a healthy, balanced diet six days a week. Try to have no more than one big night out a week, and aim to do an extra bit of exercise on the day you're going out to compensate.
2. A quick workout in the morning – I do my Belly Blitz. Even 20 minutes burns about 250 calories [1046kJ]. And later on, go on a walk with your mate."
3. "Take your cheat day after a night out, when you'll eat a bit bad, anyway. But don't go overboard – a cheat day doesn't mean you should stuff yourself for the entire day!"
4. "Drink plenty of water. I try to drink three litres per day. The main cause of a hangover is dehydration, so if you keep flushing your system out, you don't feel as hungover, which means you won't have cravings!"
5. "Buy some sucky-in knickers!" Um, we think she means Spanx!
Top-to-toe in her own words

Charlotte's daily meal plan

"I have a rota going so I don't get bored – I'll have poached eggs on toast twice a week, porridge once, yoghurt and fruit once. If you're having the same every day, you're more likely to slip up."
"I mostly have just soup or something, then I have a bigger meal at night time."
"Usually just meat and veg. I only eat steak once or twice a month, because it's hard to digest."

Charlotte's food swaps

Ditch the beer & wine, and go for a vodka & tonic.
Ditch the hot chips and go for sweet potato wedges.
Ditch the chips and go for some unsalted popcorn.
Ditch a tortilla for a big lettuce leaf instead!

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