Where to see Canada’s most impressive natural wonders

There's no shortage of jaw-dropping sights in Canada - but here are some of the most amazing
Canoeing in Canada

Thinking of travelling to Canada? The country boasts some of the world’s most impressive natural wonders and attractions that the whole family is sure to enjoy.

Haida Gwaii

This stunning archipelago is home to indigenous Canadians and some of the most stunning flora and fauna in the country. In the Gwaii Haanas National Park (made up of about 150 islands at the bottom of the archipelago), you’ll see bald eagles, black bears and ermines (similar to meerkats).

Niagara Falls

Made up of three waterfalls, Niagara Falls has the highest flow rate of any waterfall over 50m in the world. Renowned for their beauty and power, it’s difficult to comprehend the majesty of the Falls until you’ve seen them for yourself. Book your tour with APT Touring.

Northern Lights

Yellowknife, in the Northwest Territories, is the best place to see one of the universe’s most spectacular offerings: the aurora borealis. The result of electrons colliding with the upper reaches of the Earth’s atmosphere, the lights throw pink, green and blue rainbows into the night sky. Check the Aurora Forecast for your best chance of seeing them and Infinity Holidays to reserve your spot.

Bay of Fundy

One of the seven wonders of North America, the Bay of Fundy has a bit of everything – dinosaur fossils, breathtaking sea cliffs, the world’s highest tides, and the unique Hopewell Rocks, which have eroded over time to resemble flowerpots.

Rocky Mountains

Hiking, fishing, rafting, horseriding – if you’re looking for adventure, the Rockies has got it in spades. And with snow-topped mountains, cavernous, prehistoric canyons, and pristine turquoise lakes, so still they resemble mirrors, the jaw-dropping scenery is worth the effort alone. To find out more, Rail Plus offers a ‘Best of the Rockies’ tour.

Banff National Park

As beautiful in summer as it is in winter, Banff National Park is part of the Rockies, but we feel that it’s a destination in its own right. Choose your own adventure, from skiing, rafting, hiking and canyoning, or take a break at one of the park’s luxury hotels and simply take in the breathtaking sights.

There’s no shortage of activities you can partake in here – skiing, rafting, hiking and canyoning among them – but if you’re not inclined, you can also take a well-deserved break at one of the park’s luxury hotels and simply take in the breathtaking sights. We wouldn’t blame you.

Dinosaur Provincial Park

Alberta’s expansive dinosaur graveyard is truly amazing to behold. Kids of – ahem – all ages will marvel at the 500 fossil specimens found here, from over 40 different species, across the park.

The Cabot Trail

Perhaps the ultimate road trip, the Cabot Trail passes through quaint fishing villages and lush forests, with winding coastal highways in between. You can choose to take it easy and complete the trip over a week or so, or get it over in a few days. Bonus: all those fishing villages mean you’ll eat very well at every stop. Think freshly shucked oysters and buttery lobster just picked from its shell.

Cathedral Grove

Part of the MacMillan Provincial Park on Vancouver Island, walking through Cathedral Grove is like stepping back in time – indeed, some of the trees here are over 800 years old. Take a leisurely stroll among the ancient Douglas firs and you’re guaranteed to feel very small, in the best possible way.

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