The solution to your tension woes lies in a trusty massage gun. Here’s where to get one on sale

Your muscles and wallet will approve.

If there’s one hot ticket item that’s risen from under the radar to cult status in recent years, it’s a massage gun.

From fitness enthusiasts and athletes to individuals seeking relief from everyday muscle tension, these handheld devices have swiftly carved out a niche in the wellness industry.

With their ability to alleviate soreness, target specific areas of discomfort, and provide customisable massage experiences, massage guns offer a contemporary solution to age-old muscle recovery and relaxation techniques.

But with anything of worthy appeal, they certainly don’t come cheap. Which is why it’s always best to wait for a sale to make the splurge.

The best massage gun sales in Australia

To help you find a massage gun that your muscles and wallet will approve of, we’ve gathered all the best sales and discounts live now across Australia.


ALDOM Massage Gun

$89.99 (usually $99.98) at Amazon

This percussion deep tissue massage gun relaxes fascia and tense muscles, recovers soft tissues, accelerates blood circulation and rapidly reduces lactic acid produced after exercise – everything you need in one handheld device. Differing from other massage guns, it comes with 30-speed massage levels to make your massage intensity more precise and provide a comfortable massage experience.

Colours: black, black/silver, blue, carbon grey, silver and silver/grey

Key features:

  • 30-speed massage levels
  • LCD touch control
  • Large-capacity rechargeable battery


RENPHO Muscle Massage Gun

$159.99 (usually $199.99) at Amazon

“Love this little thing, it’s lightweight, easy to use and packs a punch! I had been looking at different massage guns for a while, trying to decide which one to go for. The Renpho R3 Mini caught my eye due to its small size, excellent reviews and the fact it charged via USB C, after a bunch of reading about it I decided to take the plunge,” said a five-star reviewer.

Colours: black, blue and silver

Key features:

  • Long battery life
  • 10-minute auto-off protection
  • 5 speeds from 1800 to 2800rpm


BURNNOVE Massage Gun Muscle Massager

$69.99 (usually $79.99) at Amazon

If it’s daily relaxation you’re after, the BURNNOVE deep tissue muscle massager gun is here to tick all the boxes, helping you relax tight muscles and fascia and relieve pain. It uses high-frequency vibration to massage the depths of the muscles to accelerate blood circulation and achieve rapid recovery.

Key features:

  • 8 massage heads in different shapes
  • LCD touch screen
  • 99 adjustable speeds

Are massage guns worth buying?

With anything, only you can determine a device’s worth before purchasing. Massage guns, however, are found to be worthy by offering a multitude of benefits.

For starters, these devices excel in promoting muscle recovery and relaxation by increasing blood flow to targeted areas, effectively reducing soreness and stiffness after intense workouts or long periods of sitting. 

There’s also the convenience of owning a massage gun, where you can enjoy the benefits of massage therapy in the comfort of your own home, at the gym, or even on the go. 

Most even offer customisable settings to adjust intensity and speed – catering to individual preferences and needs so you can enjoy a personalised massage experience every time.

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