“What is going on with your butt?” This free workout got my partner’s attention almost immediately

And it is surprisingly easy!
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Is there anything better than an unexpected compliment?

Only, maybe, an unexpected compliment after starting a diet or trying a new workout.

It’s the kind of pick me up that puts a spring in your step for the entire day.

So, when my partner noticed results I was getting after trying a new glute workout two weeks in, you can imagine the spring in my step resembled more of a Beyonce-esque power strut around the house.

It started with a very strange look of examination from across the room, followed by a question: “What’s going on with your butt?”

He quickly explained what he meant: the overall shape had changed; there was slightly more curve and slightly more tone. Essentially, every woman’s goal.

Cue Bootylicious by Destiny’s Child.

Can’t stop, won’t stop with they Queen B references.

(Image: Instagram)

I put it down to the glute and butt exercises I’d been doing, with what can only be described as a lack of dedication and underwhelming enthusiasm, through the free Nike Training Club app.

Dubbed the ‘Quick Bottom Toner’ the workout essentially delivered on everything the name advertised.

Consider me pleasantly surprised.

Side note: I’ll now be serving all meals a-la-Chrissy-Teigen.

The exercises are similar to what you may have endured in a Pilates class, and relatively simple.

Involving hip circles, lateral knee drives, and duck walks (don’t worry if names mean nothing to you, there’s video instructions in the app) you can complete the workout in about 25 minutes, with no equipment. Easy.

So, if you’re looking for your next iso-workout, you know what to do.

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