Should you still drink coffee if you're on a diet? Well, it depends

An expert gives a straight answer.

Just the thought of having to give up our morning coffee is enough to have us sobbing into our flat whites, but is it really necessary if we want to shed a few kilos?
There's so much conflicting information out there about whether or not coffee helps you gain or lose weight, so we asked an expert to respond to one of our most common reader questions on the topic, and give us a straight answer.
"Is my coffee drinking hindering weight loss? Some people say it makes you lose weight while others say it makes you gain weight. I'm confused!" — Cameron
How much coffee are you drinking?
If you take your coffee with full-fat milk, sugar and a sprinkle of chocolate, chances are it's not helping.
Since you're trying to lose weight, I doubt this is the case, but even three skinny flat whites a day will add substantial kilojoules to your daily intake.
Excess coffee can sometimes stave off the appetite, but it's important not to skip meals as this slows down the metabolism and actually leads to weight gain in future.
If you drink coffee first thing in the morning, be sure to enjoy a substantial breakfast at the same time.
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Coffee has gained a reputation for helping people lose weight due to the effect it has on metabolism.
Drinking coffee speeds the metabolism up slightly, but not enough to warrant a drop in calories, as the effect is temporary.
Low-fat milk is a premium source of calcium which has been shown to benefit weight loss, so stick to one skim milk coffee a day, add no sugar and you can be sure it's not the coffee causing a problem.

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