PSA: Removable heels exist now to give your blistered tootsies the ultimate reprieve

Praise be.
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In pre-COVID times, heels were on regular rotation in our wardrobes (or shoe-drobes, more accurately).

But these days, the idea of getting blistered and bruised on a night out in the feet department feels like a long lost distant memory… that is, until you pop on a pair for the first time in months, and realise that the blisters and brusies are about 10 times worse now.

Yep, as parts of the country commence returns to the work place, and as actual real life outings slowly increase, heels are coming back out – quite literally.

Fashion is pain, and a lot of it, at times.


Of course, the woes of wearing heels are as old as time, and one that many, many people can relate to.

But what if we told you there was a solution to those long days and evenings walking around in a four inch heel? What if we told you there was one simple trick that could quite literally eliminate all of your sorry sore-footed woes within seconds?

Yep, removable heels exist – and they’re the most practical thing we’ve heard of since our grandmas knitted us pure wool cardigans.

Wearing stiletto heels for a full day is no easy feat. No pun intended…


While it’s not necessarily a new invention, the market for removable heels hasn’t always been the most diverse in Australia.

Sure they might have saved you on a night out, but there’s an element of materialism we’ll shamelessly uphold here – we want our shoes to look good after all.

But the market now looks to be shifting somewhat, with global footwear label Mime et Moi having just launched in Australia.

The brand offers a number of styles that can be interchanged with different sized and shaped heels – which you can literally carry in your handbag.

And honestly, you’d never know they feature detachable soles even if you awkwardly stared long and hard at them – so sign us up!

Au revoir blistered tootsies!

(Mime et Moi)

Said heels also won’t cost you an arm and a leg – after buying a pair of their shoes (which retail from AUD $200), the removable heels are priced at around AUD $50.

Given you can transform the entire vibe and style of the shoe, it’s not a bad exchange.

Heel styles include block, stiletto and kitten, ranging from 10cm high to 3cm.

You can also change up prints and fabrics – from blue suede to tortoiseshell.

Simply whip off ye olde heels for a brand new lease on your walking life.

(Mime et Moi)

When you’ve had enough, kitten heels can simple be clicked into place.

(Mime et Moi)

Another Aussie brand offering the goods is Kuoco, which gives buyers the option of styling their own ideal shoe – from the heel to the straps.

While these shoes a little more casual, it’s good to have the option if that’s the vibe you’re after.

Kuoco interchangeable heel packages range in price from $169.00.


With the above info on hand – and on foot – a night out can technically go on and on… and on.

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