In 2020, you’re probably going to find yourself wearing these three key trends

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It’s the year 2020, you’re feeling refreshed, energised and ready to take on the world… if the ‘world’ in question is the High Street shops.

If you’re anything like us, you’ll be well up to speed with the trends of the day – fad or not, there’s something about buying the It piece of the season, and slaying it like the style goddess you are.

So as we approach a brand new decade of possibilities in the wardrobe department, we thought it paramount to be as prepared as possible.

Nadia Bartel is already across 2020s key trends if her 2019 wardrobe was anything to go by.


And style maven Bec Judd is all over it too…

(Instagram / @BecJudd)

That’s why we enlisted the help of someone who knows fashion like no other to give us some insight.

Nicole Adolphe, who is the head of style at one of Australia’s leading online shopping giants, THE ICONIC, had a few pointers to give us on the matter.

Keep scrolling as we delve into the three key trends you’ll likely be filling your wardrobe with come January 1.

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1. The statement sleeve

There’s no denying the statement sleeve is having a major moment right now, “huge” even, according to Nicole.

“For the start of a new decade it’s a look that is here to stay,” she explained to Now To Love.

“For the 2020 take, expect to see interesting iterations of the puff sleeve ranging whimsical sheer designs, to fun prints and everything in between.”

She added that an 80s resurgence will also see shoulders become a little bolder – a new “understated take” on the shoulder pad.

Check out our favourite puff sleeve styles below:

Aere puff sleeve mini dress, $129. Buy it online via The Iconic here.

(The Iconic)

Dazie this feeling organza dress, $89.99. Buy it online via The Iconic here.

(The Iconic)

2. Neon love

Unless you’ve been hiding away under your doona, you’ll have probably noticed that the streets are looking particularly bright these days.

Nicole sums up the unexpectedly loud trend: “While we’ve seen neon hues crop up in SS19/20, particularly across Swim, in 2020 bold highlighter shades of green, pink, blue and yellow will be everywhere.”

She added that instead of matching your outfits with darker colours, 2020 will see fashion-fanatics have a bit more fun with colour.

“Partner with chalky soft pastels or other bright hues for a chic 2020 style number,” she said.

And if it’s too much?

“Keep it safe by teaming with denim or a neutral soft tan colour,” Nicole added.


Check out our favourite neon styles below:

Dazie take a trip cotton shirt, $59.99. Buy it online via The Iconic here.

(The Iconic)

ASOS Design vinyl pleated mini skirt, $50. Buy it online here.


3. Top to toe leather

If there’s one thing 2019 will be remembered for in the fashion sphere, it was the pure, undisputed 1990s revival.

Nicole confirmed that 2020 is only going to see this grow.

“In a nod to 90s nostalgia, expect to see leather dresses, shorts and skirts in a diverse colour palette ranging from neutrals to pastels,” she said.

“For the bold, try an updated 2020 top to toe 90s leather look, with a monochrome leather pant and top combo for head turning new season style statement.”

We don’t need to be told twice!

Check out our favourite leather styles below:

M.N.G skin dress, $99.95. Buy it online via The Iconic here.

(The Iconic)

Showpo not stopping skirt, $49.95. Buy it online here.


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