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These cult $30 lounge pants are about to be your wardrobe's new best friend

You can thank us later.

By Jess Pullar
Effortless chic is an art-form many of us aspire to achieve - to varying levels of success.
Sure, we've all tried ye olde men's-sized white shirt over a pair of denims to feel like a movie star. We've paired a million satin spaghetti strap dresses with flats for that dressy-but-make-it-casual mood. And don't even get us started on the amount of slouchy knits in our wardrobe.
But one of the trickier silhouettes that absolutely drips with cool-girl effortless style is the humble lounge pant.
Jennifer Lopez has well and truly nailed the art of making a lounge pant look fashionable. (Getty)
You've no doubt seen lounge pants many a time before.
They certainly had a hey-day in the 1980s, but we've also seen them resurface in recent years, too.
Even September's Copenhagen Fashion Week (renowned for being one of the world's best in street style) was rife with influencers and fashion-aficionados wearing the pyjama-esque silhouette.
But while some just have that immediate knack for making anything look like it's straight off the runway, we're all-too-often faced with the confronting reality that we might look like we've just rolled out of bed when stepping out in a pair of loungers.
Until now, that is.
Ready to hear your tips, Kim. (Getty)
In a glorious revelation, we've managed to source a lounge pant that not only looks fashionable, but also feels so comfortable we could literally wear them to bed.
Oh, and did we mention they're only $30?
Yep, Uniqlo has answered all our lounging hopes and dreams with their curved jersey pants.
Currently available for $29.90, these gems are flattering in four different colours, they're oh-so-soft and they have pockets.
What's not to love?
Chic, comfortable and cheap. We're sold. (Uniqlo)
They also come in a chic-off-white colour. (Uniqlo)
Featuring a gently curved cut, the silhouette elongates the leg, making them look chic and practical.
Made from cotton and polyester, the thick jersey fabric is also super easy to care for.
And if you needed any more reason to justify the $30 investment, the reviews speak for themselves.
On its site page, one user wrote: "Very flattering, properly high-waisted, the curved leg does have a lengthening effect."
Another commented: "I admit I was nervous about these. I am not a tiny person and I was worried they might not be very flattering, but they actually work. I love wide style pants and these have a cool, unexpected shape without making me look large."
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There's one final thing about wearing a pair of lounge pants that ultimately gets our seal of approval.
If you work a corporate job, you'll be well aware of the feeling of complete and utter joy that comes after whipping off those stiff, structured wardrobe pieces and changing into some sweat pants the minute you walk through the door.
But if you're wearing these lounge pants? Well, your office may as well be the couch. You'll be smugly comfy all day.

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