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The six simple items of clothing Megan Gale swears by

Tried and tested.

By Jess Pullar
If you're anything like us, you'll no doubt be familiar with the feeling of pure joy that arises solely from putting on a fresh white shirt and jeans - and Megan Gale can definitely relate.
Yep, the renowned Aussie model is all for the simple things in life, and a big part of that stems from her wardrobe.
Being one of the country's most successful models, there's no denying the 44-year-old has a wardrobe enviable to us all, but stripping it all back, it turns out there are only a handful of things she swears by.
So of course, we made it our mission to find out exactly what they were.
To say that Megan keeps herself busy would be an understatement.
A mum to two adorable children, River, five and Rosie, two, the modelling pro has also just launched her own lifestyle brand, Mindful Life, which includes a number of baby products made from naturally-derived and safe ingredients.
Her website also includes a content hub of insights, where Megan shares anecdotes on finding balance while juggling career, motherhood... and what feels like a million other things.
With so much going on for the bubbly creative, it makes sense that when it comes to her wardrobe - yet another thing to think about in a very long list - Megan likes to keep things simple.
Mum-of-two Megan Gale keeps things simple when it comes to her wardrobe. (Instagram / @megankgale)
But simple or not, Gale's wardrobe is undeniably flawless. Her slew of chic threads are always on point, all while looking as effortless as anything.
Speaking to Now To Love, the actress opened up on how she does it - and it turns out there's a very straightforward method.
Six simple staples.
Yep, that's it. Just six basic items of clothing that every wardrobe needs and you'll be away laughing (and thriving), according to Megan.
So, without further ado, we dive into exactly what her swear-by pieces are. And if you don't have them already, you won't need much convincing...

1. A trench

In trench, we trust. Well, we do where Megan is concerned...
The model insists these puppies are a go-to when it comes to being practical, but chic.
Think London, think Burberry-vibes, think rain-proof glam. Once you've thrown a trench over your shoulders, you'll be ready to tackle the world (and any rogue rainfalls).
Black, beige or cream, a basic trench is your ultimate throw-and-go. (Instagram / @megankgale)

2. An LBD

Is there anything more classic than a humble little black dress? The OG fashion-maven Gabrielle Chanel swore by it, and so does Megan.
Perfect for basically any night out, a classic LBD will take you far. And you can easily mix and match it with your other wardrobe staples.
"You can throw the trench over it, anything!" Gale adds.
A little LBD goes a long way... (Instagram / @megankgale)

3. A suit

When it comes to fashion, there's nothing quite like a suit to give you a boost in confidence and assertiveness.
That's why having one in your wardrobe is key, Megan says.
"But it doesn't have to be too corporate," she adds.
"Just a really cool suit that you could wear for business but maybe if you were going somewhere for like a wedding or a function or something for across the board."
They call it a power suit for a reason... (Instagram / @megankgale)

4. A closed point heel

Like a classic LBD, a basic pump heel will never go out of fashion.
Megan is case in point. Colour-wise, she reckons black or nude are both winners - you'll be wearing them for seasons on end.
A basic bump can dress up any outfit. (Instagram / @megankgale)

5. Leather-look pants

Just a quick look at Megan's Instagram page will convince you of the need for a staple black leather pant, and rightly so, because as a big fan of them, Megan has nailed the style.
A statement in their own right, a pair of these gems will work all the versatile wonders in your day-to-day.
"You can dress them down with a sneaker and dress them up with a pair of boots," the model points out.
Don't think we need more convincing than that...
Megan knows how to rock a leather-look pant. (Instagram / @megankgale)

6. A crisp white shirt

The ultimate wardrobe staple, a crisp white shirt is your go-to for basically... anything.
Wear it for work with a tailored pant, on the weekend with your favourite denims or even over your bathers at the beach - with a white shirt in tow, one can conquer all.
And as Megan sums up, you can literally match your other staples with this winner.
"You could throw the trench over the shirt, throw on your heels and done - there's your wardrobe."

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