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These swimsuits will look incredible, no matter what shape or size you are

Swim away the insecurities.

By Jess Pullar
Let's face it, we've all felt self conscious in a swimsuit at one point or another.
Whether it's at the beach surrounded by bikini-clad 20-somethings who look like they've just walked out of a magazine photo shoot, or even just a quick dip in the local pool - there's no denying that we can tend to feel a little more vulnerable when it comes to wearing a swimsuit.
Aussie celebrities like Robyn Lawley and Kylie Mingoue are embracing the skin they're in when it comes to swimwear. (Images: Instagram)
And while it can be hard to muster up the confidence to wear that new bikini, or even a full blown rash vest at times, it's a necessary feat on the inevitable 30 degree days we have ahead of us.
But don't fret, it's well and truly possible to find a swimsuit that'll flatter, flaunt and show off your assets - and it all comes down to style.
What's more, it doesn't matter what age you are - swimsuits can look incredible whether you're 20 or 60, it knows no barriers.
The recent Iconic Swim Show held in Sydney in November was case in point. The online clothing website showcased their latest swim collection with a refreshingly diverse cast of models - slim, curvy, young and old.
Led by top Aussie model and body positivity activist Robyn Lawley, the show was living proof that you wear the swimsuit - it doesn't wear you - no matter what your age or size.
WATCH: The 2018 Iconic swimwear show features a cast of diverse models:
What's more, other celebrities are also proving that swimsuit style and shape is everything when it comes to feeling confident seaside.
In December, Jackie O shared some snaps from her beach holiday in Fiji, with the 43-year-old looking incredible in a swimsuit many might have otherwise cast off upon seeing it on a coat hanger.
But the long-sleeved one-piece, which covered up a lot more than a typical bikini, was stylish, flattering, and not to mention extremely practical - we salute you Jackie!

Taking to her Instagram, the radio host was also kind enough to share where she had purchased the swimsuit from - Aussie brand Ripcurl.
So, if the likes of Robyn and Jackie have inspired you to embrace the skin you're in, keep scrolling as we outline the best styles that'll flaunt your assets - no matter what shape, size or age you are.

Ladies with hips

If you've got a pear-shaped body (read: curvy at the hips and thighs, smaller at the waist and upwards) then the trick is to balance things out.
Try keep things simple on the bottom, a bikini brief that sits just above the hips will accentuate your curves in a flattering way.
As for the top - feel free to go a little wild on this one - drawing attention to your upper body will minimise attention on the bottom. There are plenty of fun styles out there, think prints - the brighter the better!
This bikini brief style is flattering on women with curves from the hips down. Available from The Iconic, $54.95.
Don't shy away from bright and bold prints when it comes to the top! Available from The Iconic, $59.99.

Busty belles

If you're a little curvier where the chest is concerned, aim for a swimsuit that provides ample support, and fits like a bra. An underwire is super handy, as are thick straps.
We also recommend avoiding layers such as ruffles or any extra fabric - keep it simple.
Underwire bra-style bikini tops are best for bigger busts. Available from Asos, $32.00.
Thick straps and plenty of support is key. Available from The Iconic, $49.95.


If you're rocking the hourglass figure (aka bigger bust, butt and thighs) we've got the style for you - the one-piece.
Indeed the style is well and truly in vogue these days, with a number of styles that look flattering and comfortable on curvier frames - it's a win win!
Aim for a style that offers plenty of support up top. Down the bottom, look out for bikini lines that reach the hips.
And one final tip: Try vertical stripes! They elongate your form and will give you all kinds of confidence.
A one piece will smooth and compliment your curves. Available from The Iconic, $59.95.
This gorgeous one piece will do you (and your curves) all kinds of wonders. Available from Asos, $44.00.

Flat but fierce

If you're an A or B cup, look out for bikini tops that will accentuate your form. Triangle and bra styles with a halter neck are perfect in giving the illusion that you've got a curvy bust.
When it comes to colour, make like our pear-shaped pals: Go wild and embrace prints and patterns - these will draw more attention to your assets.
Triangle shapes with prints and patterns are a great option for flatter fashionistas. Available from Cotton On, $29.95.
Opting for a bra halter style will give the illusion of a curvier bust. Available from The Iconic, $34.98.

Straight up (and down)

If you've got an athletic build (i.e. not so curvy), then a swimsuit style that draws attention to where said curves could be is the look for you.
Again, one-piece swimsuits that are colour blocked (particularly around the hips) will give the illusion of shape, while ruffles and prints will also embellish your beachside look.
And a final tip: The smaller the better! Yep, leave the Bridget Jones-esque brief style behind - the smaller it is, the bigger your curves will seem!
A colour blocked one-piece is a great option for those with athletic builds. Available from The Iconic, $90.00.
This one-piece with asymmetric striped one-piece gives the illusion of curves. Available from Lilly and Lime, $120.00.