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The brand new E! Australia host Francesca Hung gets red carpet ready with this one genius hack

Smizing for days.

By Jess Pullar
For someone like Francesca Hung, conquering a red carpet is old hat.
The former Miss Universe Australia is no stranger to the limelight, having shot to centre stage in 2018 when she was crowned the coveted title.
Since then, she's sashayed her way through a slew of glitzy events, VIP parties and red carpets galore - all like its no big deal.
Francesca Hung is taking on the brand new role of E! Australia's host. (Instagram / @francesca.hung)
But now, the 25-year-old is about to embark on one of her most challenging chapters yet - as the brand new red carpet host of E! Australia.
"I screamed when I first saw I'd got the casting call," Francesca tells Now To Love.
"I thought there was no way I'd be able to get it, but I popped in my audition video anyway. Next thing they told me I won the position."
While Francesca herself couldn't quite believe it, she's certainly got the glowing CV to prove she has what it takes.
Yep, becoming Miss Universe Australia isn't exactly a walk in the park. Learning to present and speak eloquently on-stage, as well as dealing with the heightened intensity of being on live TV, the striking model and actress has all the keys to success.
She takes over long-term host Ksenija Lukich, who previously held the E! role for five years.
Francesca is no stranger to a camera. (Instagram / @francesca.hung)
As you'd expect, Francesca has done a lot of red carpets in her time, and she's learnt a few tricks along the way.
But there's one trick that really takes the cake - not only because it's a little odd, but it's also genius.
"Someone used to tell me that if you are going to be smiling for a long time you should put Vaseline on your teeth," Francesca says.
We were just as confused as you, but the model definitely has a solid justification for the feat: "It makes it easier to smile for a long time because your teeth don't get dry."
This is weird, but kinda genius.

Another red carpet reality for Francesca is a serious case of sore cheeks.
Any person asked to smile (and therefore stretch their cheek muscles) for an extended period of time will know - unless you're a Tyra Banks purist and learnt the subtle art of smizing, of course.
"I'm often giving my cheeks a massage before hopping out of the cab or the Uber," Francesca adds.
"I think people see the red carpet as this super glamorous thing, which it is, but there's the other side to it as well."
The 25-year-old appreciates there are ups and downs to working a red carpet. (Instagram / @francesca.hung)
Hung's fanbase has grown ten-fold over the past couple of years - she currently boasts over 160,000 followers on Instagram and is front and centre at many A-list events.
But having this much time in the limelight can have its downsides, she admits.
"When you're first thrust into the limelight it can be really overwhelming and stressful and you read into every comment you see," the model explained.
"But now I kind of turn a blind eye and I don't let it get to me. It's a faceless person behind a computer screen."

First up on the agenda for the brand new host? Oh, only LA... just casually.
"I'm so hapy to be in this role," she says.
"I have so much respect for celebs and love to get to know them behind the screens. I'm fascinated by who they are rather than the character that they're playing."
Looks like we're in for plenty more insights from the red carpet where Francesca's concerned!

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