More families have created hilarious Christmas cards and we can’t get enough

That's one way to bring the family together!
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Remember the Bergeron family?

For 15 years, Mike and Laura Bergeron have been dressing up in crazy outfits in hilarious poses for their annual Christmas cards.

And since welcoming their children, the cards have only became better.

The process has become so important to the family that they now aim to get it done every year before Thanksgiving.

“Otherwise, it is very stressful trying to bring it all together,” wrote Mike on the post.

“We have a list of ideas that we add to throughout the year and we usually choose which one we want to do around October.”

It turns out there are a lot of families out there making hilarious Christmas cards

Take a look at some of these fantastic ones below.

Watch these cuties from the The Campanelli Family grow up.

The Campanelli Family in 2010

The Campanelli Family in 2012

This family likes to go “crazy with their Christmas cards.” In 2010 reddit user Johannasburg captioned this photo, 2010 -” Hope you’re surviving the holidays. Have a safe new year.”

In 2013 they said, “Don’t sweat the holidays”.

John Cessna’s Christmas card in 2011.

John Cessna was told to sober up in 2008, this was the first of many cheeky Christmas cards.

A photography store in Norway makes yearly Christmas cards, take two.

A photography store in Norway makes yearly Christmas cards, take one.

The Power family take three.

The power family take two.

The power family take one

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