What do the House Rules contestants get up to off-screen?

Here's what goes on when the cameras stop rolling.
House Rules

With the competition ramping up, there’s been a lot of tension on the set of House Rules.

However, but by the looks of things, there’s still been plenty of time for fun and games for the contestants.

Click through to find out what they’ve been getting up to off-screen…

Daniella cuddles up to House Rules design expert Carolyn Burns-McCrave.

These boys look like the best of friends!

Ella and Kate embrace as Cyclone Debbie wrecks havoc on Daniella and Aaron’s Gold Coast home.

Daniella is admiring Aaron’s work on the excavator.

Ambulance officers Sean and Ella are all smiles on the job!

Aaron and Daniella get their paint on.

Cyclone Debbie caused work to stop for the first time in House Rules history!

We’re not sure how well those plastic ponchos protected Andrew and Jono from the rain!

Team Gold Coast are always smiling!

Stop. Selfie time!

It’s all hands on deck in Tasmania.

Kate and Harry enjoy a night at the footy!

House Rules

Things get a little silly on set.

Aw… Kate and Harry with their little man Xavier!

“We’re ready to show Australia that renovation isn’t just a bloke’s domain,” Fiona and Nicole wrote on Instagram. These two are all about Girl Power!

Andrew and Jono didn’t love their time in the tent.

Ella and Sean managed to squeeze in a cheeky dinner date while filming.

Daniella and Aaron recently celebrated their 6th wedding anniversary.

Bec and Troy were not impressed with Harry’s herb garden/tyre – but at least it provided entertainment for some…

Sean and Ella with their adorable pooch Lorna!

Judges Wendy and LLB stroke a pose.

Bec and Troy were all smiles before they saw their renovated home…

Love birds Aaron and Daniella steal a kiss.

“Sunday morning with all three children,” Kate wrote on social media. Looks about right to us!

“Help! We’re sleeping on a hill next to a highway!” Tent life isn’t for Harry and Kate…

While Sean’s house is getting renovated he’s enjoying some time exploring his home state of Tassie.

Andrew can’t get enough of the view from Sean and Ella’s Tassie home.

The boys enjoy some downtime.

Sean and Ella are enjoying their downtime!

There’s always time for a selfie!

We’re not sure if these two have been working hard, or hardly working…

Daniella glams up her hard hat Gold Coast style.

Smiling through the pain of “paint night”.

A moment of inspiration for the boys!

The moment Kate and Harry received a 10 from LLB!

Ella and Sean take a seat in their new entrance way…

Sean and Ella pose for a cheeky selfie! What a good looking pair!

Bec and Troy have had a tough week! Great to see them smiling again!

Daniella and Aaron are enjoying their week off!

Daniella and Aaron scrub up for the races.

Andrew and Jonno shared this snap on social media along with their thanks to all of the House Rules producers, tradies and fans. Farewell boys!

Kate and Harry scrub up to celebrate South Australia.

Australia’s Next Top House Rules Model?

Aaron and Daniella cosy up to judge Wendy Moore!

Harry gets comfortable during a radio interview.

Aaron and Daniella hang out with Kris Smith at the races!

Daniella strikes a pose with her Art Deco wall.

Such an adorable little family!

It looks like multiple bromances have blossomed!

“So surreal right now, am proud of this incredible man next to me,” Daniella shared on social media about making it to the grand final!

Aaron and Daniella are getting a well-deserved break from renovating.

Aaron and Daniella enjoying a nice holiday.

Kate and Harry are all smiles!

Daniella and Aaron get glam!

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